[Ghizar Election] PML (N) and PPP announce candidates

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Gilgit, March 11: Pakistan Muslim League (N) has awarded party ticket to Col (r) Karim , nominating him as a candidate for LA – 19, Ghizar – 1. On the other hand, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has awarded party ticket to Engineer Jauhar Ali Khan.

It is pertinent to note that Nawaz Khan Naji, Balawaristan National Front, is also one of the strong candidates. He had the second highest votes during the last elections.

Polling will be held on March 30, 2011.

Candidate Profiles – Pamir Times intends to publish profiles of the candidates, along with photographs and manifestos. We invite volunteer citizen reporters or supporters of the candidates to step forward and share relevant information with Pamir Times. Editor_.

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  1. Dear readers of PT,
    Nawaz Khan Naji is the chief of Balawaristan National front and he was Struggling for the rights of two million peoples and for the restoration of the identity of Gilgit Baltistan from last 22 years and he is accepting by the international community.He face lot of fake cases because of his struggle for Nation. Nowadays Mr Naji is the ideal of the youth of GB. He is a good speaker , political activist, Intellectual and brave son of soil.
    He was the strongest candidate from GLA 19 Gzr 1 in last election and Pir karam Ali shah won the last election with the help of Government machinery.Other wise Naji got first position in last election from that constituency.
    According to the political analyst Now naji is the top favorite candidate from GBLA 19 Gzr 1 . If govt make sure a free and fare election Naji will must Win with a huge difference from other candidates.
    The second strong candidate is Col (R) Karim is the candidate of PML (N) who got above then three thousand votes in last election and now he is the second strong candidate from GBLA 19.
    Jawahir Ali is enter in politics just few days before the election and he have not any political back ground and no one knows him as politician. The real two strong candidates are nawaz Naji and col (R) Karim.
    Nawaz khan naji is a big name in the nationalist politics of GB and he have a big following in ghizar as well as in Whole GB.
    I think Naji will win this election with the help of public.

  2. mr nawaz khan naji is not only a politician but a thinker a reformist a historian and a writer too,,he is the author of two books .1;who are we?(hum kon) and. 2;impotence of name ( nam ki ahmeyat)he introduce balawaristan name for the region in 1988 and founding nationalist party ‘balawaristan national front; while pakistan calls the region northern areas,,he is the man who fighting for basic human rights for nation including national identity and rights of national self determination,,a man who demand and introduce constitutional politics and unveil the fraud agreements like(karachi agreement ..water shed treaty )he is not only populer in ghizer but in the whole mother land (balawaristan)and internationally as well,youth loves him much and using his introductory name balawar,,he is fighting to change the recent socio political system and against the extremism intolerance in the society..believes on democracy and democratic change,,he is the best choice for constituency and motherland,,,

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