We will rise again

Rumbling, tumbling, it ran down

Like a fierce creature engulfing a town,

It gave us tears and made us frown

But could not snatch our dignity crown!

No one could guess when the clouds were seen

They traveled till Khyber, 30 miles I mean!

The charming sky was no more clean

When Attabad became a disaster scene

As earth cracked and buried homes

Life went off with the sliding loam,

And the angel of death in my valleys roamed

For a while all hope and smiles were gone!

There was mud and boulder and dust everywhere,

Such scenes, in my valley, are very rare

As the water roared with a mighty flare,

A deadly dam became our snare!

I can hear the cries and feel the pain,

Bringing down one’s home is never fain!

These tears and sobs will not be vain

From the ashes and dust

We will rise again!

We will rise again!

by Kabir Ayub

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  1. Dear Kabir,

    Never before have i read such a poem written by a teenager. The way you described the scene made me to weep. I am looking forward to your next poem.

  2. We hear only those questions for which we are in a position to find answers.
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    For all these months, we have been addressing one question and a variety of different interpretations. Undoubtedly Atta-abad disaster was a sad moment for all of us. But is it signifies the whole universe around us?
    From the January 4, when a mountain cracked over attabad valley claimed lives of just 14 people. We considering ourselves as center of universe repeatedly highlighted this issue on pamir times. And it has been more than three months now. I just want to crave a question for you people. Did we forget the disaster in Haiti which claimed lives of 217,000 to 230,000 and more than 300,000 injured, and a probable 1,000,000 homeless and regrettably it happened on 12 February 2010 more than a month after the so called attabad disasters. But besides being a regular visitor of World Wide Web, I do not find single news about Haiti disasters as it has been become the chapter of history.
    But regretfully, when I log on to pamir times, I see one and only one story the atta-abad and a lake of diaster. I have almost memories it by heart, now brothers, I know the lengths and heights and the width of the lake. I think it is more than an achievement for you. There are issues which are important to address so I request you all to come to these issues rather being so nostalgic.
    Please brothers wake up. There are higher issues to address upon then the one elfin ethnocentrism of so called calamity. The Pseudospeciation caused by the Pamir times is as immense as any other propagation stimulating ethnocentrism in communities like us. And further Dansk to these minor issues by communities like us will detach us from the broader world view causing a dichotomy.

    1. Sir I cannot agree with you. The Haiti disaster has been all over the world news for months. It is online, it is on TV, in newspapers – it is everywhere. The world community has raised many millions of dollars for relief efforts. I can read something about Haiti every day.

      Meanwhile, there is only one source where I can find reliable news about the Attabad disaster, and it is here on PT. This disaster is no small matter of “just 14 people.” There is the suffering of 25,000 people cutoff from their larger community and the crops that cannot be planted and the homes and livestock lost. There is the threat of floods that could affect tens of thousands of people downstream if the dam bursts.

      I have no wish to marginalise the Haiti tragedy, which is terrible and heartbreaking. However, those of us who love GB have every right to focus on the pain and suffering caused by the Attabad disaster, and PT does not need to join the ranks of thousands of other papers to repeat reports from across the world. We rely on PT to report on GB local news as no one else will.

      Cheryl Carruth
      USA / Singapore

  3. My dear brother,
    It is amazing, well done and keep it up. It really filled my eyes with tears, Insha’Allah the bad days will go and we will rise again.

  4. Dear Kabir
    Your poem is very nice and dipicts the true scene of Gojal. It holds a mature wording. Looking forward to more poem from you.
    Keep the spirit!

  5. Excellent chotoo your are genius. looking forward for more from you.

  6. I am amazed at the choice of words and rhythm of expressions. Excellent work Kabir!

  7. We will rise again
    Fantastic and brilliantly illustrate the disaster scene, thank you dear to feel the our pain,

    MM Qizill Attabadi

  8. Well done Kabir ,Mubarak to you and your parents .Very great creatve work and good addition in literature.

  9. Great work dear!

    Some years back there were few persons who have little know-how of English in Hunza and Gojal, now we are proud that we have many youngster poets who express thier feelings in English or the language other than their mother-tongue, which is a positive sign of development.

    Keep it up

  10. Dear Kabir
    You have really created a masterpiece and have spoken the gloomy feelings of the distressed people and have also prophesied for raising again.


    Aafiyat Nazar

  11. Well done!

    A heart emotive expression………. Keep it up dear Kbir & Spread words of optimism at this time of vulnerability in the valley.

    Gud Luck

  12. —very rare sequence of thoughts, imagination and creativity of zel and emotions. Our special words of appreciation to u and ur parents.
    Keep it up

  13. Dear Kabir

    It is just outstnding and we the Gojalians are proud of ur brilliate work, although am nt in favour of unnecessry comments being imposed on each n every thing but the way u hv expressed emotions in words is genius. As Dr, Irfan saddiqi erlier commented on a peom in PT that some times the crises like this plays as a catalyst in the formation and development of the society. keeep itttt upppp!

    It gave us tears and made us frown

    But could not snatch our dignity crown!


    1. That is not Dr, Irfan saddiqi. He is Shahid saddiquie
      Well rhyme Kabir, but if a sonnet it would be better.

  14. Earth Rampage:Disaster
    Men in fact has been at loss in this world.Such worldly moves,make us realise nd learn about our obligations to Almighty.
    hw nicely you made emotions flow–superb,keeeep it flow that way .nd indeed inshallah v ll rise again..thumbs up

  15. …….

    Though, I m alien to the content and context of this poem but I want to give my reflections on the poetics and the language of this poem. First of all let me appreciate the Didactic cinquainatic scheme adopted in this poem though partially attained but still lays somewhere near it. I would request this young boy; I assume he might be attending an elementary school, to work more on it.

    Further, I would request him in the long run, whatever the poet’s “philosophy” is, however wide may be the extension of his meaning- like Milton’s Ptolemaic universe in which he didn’t believe – by his language shall you know him; the quality of his language is the valid limit of what he has to say. So, he must build more capacities in the language.

    The third and most imperative thing is the grammar of any language. We often embark more on the rhythm of poetry neglecting the soul of language (grammar), which in my opinion is against the ethics of writing. So one must critically examine every single word (adjectives, verbs, nouns etc) while writing.


  16. great work man. this is what we require to increase our vision of the horizon .salute to you.

  17. Great work Kabir… The poem depicts almost every aspect of the tragedy and has a motivation.

  18. it is a very realistic poem it really touched my heart and soul. thank you kabir for your love and sympthy to the affected people.

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