[PT Election Cell] Gilgit – Baltistan primary school of wannabe politicians?

by Najeeb Ullah Naveed

Islamabad, November 05: Gilgit-Baltistan has become a space for learning politics.  This was stated by PML (N) leader Amjad Bilal in Gilgit refering to the recent political activities of Marvi Memon in Gilgit-Baltistan he said that. “Those who have no political constituency anywhere are looking for their political luck in Gilgit-Baltistan”, he said.

He further said that Marvi Mamon is asking for votes on the basis of bogus.

He said that Muslim League (N) is the only political party that can safeguard the right of the people of Gilgit-Baltistan.

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  1. I dont agree with d statement. Marvi Mamon is the only visionary leader striving fot the rights of GB today

  2. The PPP, PML-N and Q and ANP etc are feudal parties. They want to go to GilGit Baltistan to take control of that area and start their own businesses,They are going in for their personal betterment as these feudal lords have a lot of money which they will invest for their own benefits and purchase loyalties of the influential of the area. and will not do much for the local people. except false promises.The people of that area should think well before they vote and should not fall into the trap of these waderas.Another option is the MQM which is not a feudal part and does not have enormous money to spend. They will fight for the rights of the local people through the locally elected people in parliament get funds allotted and work hard for the areas development as they have done in Karachi.But in any case the locals should decide as to who they want in power.The losing party should then join in with the winning party to work for the quick development of that area.

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