[Police Terrorism in Hunza] Opposition leaders want GB government to apologize and resign, demand judicial investigation of the incident

Firing on the affectees is gross injustice: Haji Janbaz

Murder case should be registered against Mehdi Shah: Naji

Chief Minister under the spell of power-delusion: Noor-al-Ain

Police deteriorated the situation: Wazir Baig

PT Report

Gilgit, August 11: Opposition leaders and members of the Gilgit – Baltistan Legislative Assembly have expressed shock and anger over the firing incident in Hunza Valley that led to the death of two IDPs, hailing from Ayeenabad village of Gojal.

Addressing a protest rally in Gilgit the leaders accused the government of failing  to fulfil its basic responsibility; protection of the people of Gilgit – Baltistan.

“From Diamer to Punial and Skardu to Aliabad the police have used their power mercilessly, leading to the death of many citizens of GB and injuring many others”, MLA Nawaz Naji said. “Mehdi Shah shall apologize from the nation for failing to lead us and resign”, he demanded.

Former member of the legislative assembly, Hafiz Hafeez-ur-Rehman, said that firing on protesters is the apex of cruelty and injustice. He said that people across GB would take to the streets against the PPP government in Gilgit – Baltistan. He has also demanded resignation of the chief minister, while asking for judicial investigation of the entire matter, to expose the truth.

Leader of the Opposition in GBLA, Bashir Ahmed Khan, has said that the GB government is responsible for the Aliabad incident. He has demanded of the President and Prime Minister to remove the “corrupt and inept government of Gilgit – Baltistan”.

In a press statement, the Health Minister of Gilgit – Baltistan, Haji Janbaz Khan, has condemned the violence and demanded justice for the affected people. He has said that the despite of the lapse of one year actions have not been taken to implement announcements made by various leaders for the people affected by Attabad Landslide and the resulting damming of Hunza River. It is pertinent to note that the Health Minister has never visited the region since the disaster and he has also failed to provide a doctor for the 25,000 affected people of Gojal Valley.

Former Advisor, Noor-al-Ain, in a press statement, has expressed shock over the firing incident. She has said that the Chief Minister is under spell of power delusions and can not see the sufferings of the affected people.

Wazir Baig, speaker GBLA and the elected representative of Hunza in GBLA, has said that the police are responsible for deteriorating the situation in the region.

There is a lot of anger against Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah, two representatives of Hunza valley in the GBLA. The protesters in Aliabad have demanded that the two should resign from their post for failing to defend their voters and supporters.

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  1. A black Man was killed in London! and the whole England is on fire.. now what the Police force have done in Hunza is really a shame! The Government should keep this thing in mind that by killing three people, they should not take it as they usually do in other parts of Country. Every Hunzai is going to remember this pain through out! and I guess the Government wants to de-stabilize the only safe place remains in the whole country. Enough is Enough!

  2. The people are protesting to demand for the rights and Leaders even negotiate used police forces to kill the innocent people. Wazir Baig and Mehdi should apologize and resign because they failed to safegurd and protect the lives and We request to a free judicial commission should be setup to inquiry the inccident and justice must be seen. Mehdi Shah instead runing could bridge IDPS with Local Government and Councils and should listen the deprived people. Disaster destroyed their properties and Government destroyed their lives. If you not heal on wounds then not pour salt on wounds: Please young people come out and struggle and bring the real and honest people otherwise this type of accident will happen. Your voice and lives will be shout. Khaili Jabran a great philosopher says don’t be like those nation who only weeps on the day of deaths and their voices comes out but be like those nation who raises voice for the rights and truths.

  3. It’s the time to control our emotions & start struggle to find out the permanent solution!! First of all we must unite & demand for exemplary punishment to culprits involve in killings!! 2ndly fulfillment of promises made to people affected by Attabad Lake !! & Last but not least the ultimate solution to stop such incidence again in Hunza is the system where people not have to wait for years to have a meeting with CM !! a separate district (at least) & fully autonomous (not dummy / puppet controlled from elsewhere ) so Hunzukut can find the solutions to their problems at doorstep.

  4. Well, it is very sad… If the police officer (DSP) who is also a Hunza man, ordered to open the fire in what circumstances and why ? To my judgment, a group of persons are trying hard to create a state of chaos since some time and the result is very obvious now. For example about a month back there was a campaign to raise the public for a possible Hunza Nager district headquarter in Nager. And few days back there was a huge clash at Hussani (Susani) following that, we see an another unrest at Ali Abad. I may say the government’s agencies are simply failed to unmask responsible for all these activities. Let us know that, a large number of students of Hunza are influenced in Karachi during their studies and subsequently upon their return to Hunza they demonstrate part of their education and experiences… What I say with regret is Hunza Nager is no longer a spot where people are caring, honest, sincere or peaceful.

  5. We, the people of Hunza strongly condemn the violence of police on peaceful protest of Attaabad disaster IDPs. This irresponsible act by Government is not acceptable on humanity grounds. So called CM is sole culprit because of his negligence and lake of interest in solving the river blockage. We request to the International Community to take action against the rulers of Pakistan.

    The so-called Chief Minister Syed Mehdi Shah, Wazir Baig and Mutabiat Shah, two representatives of Hunza valley should apologize and resign immediately and there should ban on “DAMI” Chief Minister to further visit to peaceful region of Hunza.

  6. @ Hanif Hunzai- no mater it is a great loss for the already affected family, and indeed a menace towards the peace of Hunza valley. I would request you to kindly choose words and statements those are true for all human beings. The black in UK bare the same human soul as did our two beloved Hunzais.
    Moreover yes as natives of the peaceful homeland we never would tolerate bloodshed and terror in our fairy land, not by the police and not even by those who caste terror. If the Govt. is unable to provide justice they should better leave their seats. the incident is so extreme that I doesn’t demand a simple apology.

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