President Zardari vows to promote China-Pak rail links

BEIJING, July 10 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari pledged to strengthen cooperation with China to promote a railroad connecting the two sides and said his country can be a “force multiplier” for China’s development.“Pakistan can offer road links to China,” he told China Daily in an interview in Beijing on Friday before leaving to embark on second leg of his official visit to China.The President said he is confident that both countries can benefit significantly from the rail link. “China is advanced in the rail field, so we can cooperate and develop together.”

President Zardari said China has acknowledged the concept and the two countries are working toward in this direction.

“We want to learn and recreate your success,” he said.

He also had a good word for the ongoing China-Pakistan anti-terror drill in the Ningxia Hui autonomous region. “We need more interaction to combat terrorism. It’s a global phenomenon and we should fight it together.

“We are already in a fight against terrorists in our part of the border and we will cooperate with China. And hopefully when we develop the region, the people who have been misguided will be guided back to work for (the) prosperity of Pakistan and China,” President Zardari said.

President Zardari said his country would not only cooperate with China in the fight against the “three evil forces” – separatism, extremism and terrorism – but also share intelligence, adding Pakistan will take its “special relationship” with China to new levels.

“Even in the old days, we were helping each other in all fields … when China was not such an economic engine for the growth of the world … we took the responsibility of the world.”

With his daughters sitting beside him, President Zardari said he wants to establish a strong relationship between Beijing and Islamabad and show the younger generation “who the friends are”.

“I brought my two daughters with me to deliver the message to the third generation. My wife and I renewed the relationship started by my father-in-law, and now I want to leave this legacy for the coming generation.”

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  1. PAK CHINE DOSTI ZINDABAD.Welldone Mr president keep it up, God bless you,
    baad_e_mukhalif sy na_gabra ay aqaab ye tou chalti hai tujhe uncha urany k liye
    now you are a national leader do your duties in good faith

    From this article, it appears that the Chinese are going to build a pipeline to bring the petrol from the Persian Gulf to China, because they feel the sea route can be attacked. The article says that the pipeline will follow the KKH and the rail link that is mentioned in the article above in Pamir Times also mentions a railroad link, but without saying what route it would follow, but who can doubt the railroad will also follow the KKH?

    Therefore residents of the Hunza Valley should take into account what is going to happen over the next 10 to 20 years. They may be able to return to their villages when the lake is finally emptied, but there will be a very short respite -if at all-between the time they are finished rebuilding and replanting, and the time the work starts to widen the KKH for the pipeline and the railroad.

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