Thakot – Sazin and Jaglote – Skardu roads on the card

BEIJING, Jul 9 (APP): Pakistan and China on Friday signed four MOUs in health, power generation and building of two major highways in Gilgit-Baltistan.The MoUs were signed after the address of President Asif Ali Zardari to the Pak-China Economic Cooperation Forum.Under the agreement China will build the 165 km long Jaglot-Skardu road and the 135 km long Thakot- Sazin road. The projects would cost Rs 45 billion with 15 percent financing by Pakistan and 85 percent by China.

Under another MoU to be jointly executed by Chinese company Datang and Norwegian company EBT, 500 MW electricity would be produced through wind power. The wind turbines would be set up along the coastal areas of Karachi and Sindh at a cost of one billion US dollars and will be completed in short span of time.

The MoUs were signed by Chairman National Highway Authority with his Chinese counterpart and witnessed by the President.

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  1. Hope this brings a fortune to the nation of Pakistan…. These big projects firstly to speak never get accomplished as per the project charter especially in terms of economical aspects. As we and our leaders and contractors are very much interested in keeping our personal ‘interest’.

    Secondly, even after completion we don’t bother about maintenance, up gradation and even smooth running of our resources.

    Thats is why Kalabagh dam, Pakistan Railways, WAPDA, PIA, 100s of fly overs, High ways (that of Karachi to Rawalpindi) and if I am not wrong the Karachi Nuclear Power Plant and many more got such ill fate in 1 way or other.

  2. The immediate priority of Mr. Zardari to be discussed with China should have been the re-construction and expansion of Karakorum Highway (KKH) that is in dilapidated condition after the land slide disaster in Hunza. There are no signs of commitment by Pakistani government on this really urgent matter.

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