Fresh floods inflict more damage in Ghizar disrict

Government neglecting the worst hit district

by Noor Akbar

Gahkuch, August 7: Lightening and flash floods triggered by torrential rains washed away 12 houses in Damas and 10 houses in Birgal villages of Punial rendering hundreds of people homeless, without food and clean drinking water. Flash floods have also destroyed standing crops, valuable land and property.

The low lying Hamuchal village was once again hit by the high level flood in Ghizar River where eighty people have been rescued to safer places; the local made boats were used in the rescue process by volunteers. The hamuchal village was worst hit a week ago as half of the village was inundated in flood water.

The main bridge connecting Hatoon village with Ghakuch at Haa’em has been washed away by increased flood water in Ghizar River.

Low lying village of Yasin valley, Damalgal reportedly has been hit by high level flood in Yasin River; flood water entered fifteen houses destroying four of them completely. The effectees have them selves moved to safer places but are faced with shortage of food items, shelter etc.

Ghizar road that was repaired and cleared for traffic yesterday has been badly damaged and blocked. Hundreds of people are reported to be stranded at different places.

The prices of the basic commodities in Ghizar have sky rocketed doubling the miseries of low income people. People are compelled to pay 1600 rupees of a 40 kg flour bag. Petrol pumps have been sealed by local government so as to use the petroleum products for only government use. One can get diesel at Rs.200/litter whereas petrol at Rs.150 /litter in black. The acute shortage of petroleum products and unaffordable price hike of the basic commodities has multiplied the problems of flood affectees.

The role of district govt has been condemned by the local because it has done nothing to help the affected families. No compensation has yet been announced for the rehabilitation of the affected people. Those rendered homeless are living in their relative’s houses or compelled to hire rooms in Ghakuch and other villagers.

The worst hit in Gilgit-Baltistan by recent floods and heavy rains is Ghizar District but CM GB has not paid a single visit to the district nor has he announced any relief package for the affectees. Injustice with Ghizar continues despite of the fact that PPP won on three seats from this district.

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  1. So-called government official have never been seen on such occasions of disaster. they are just to celeberate the openings and concluding sessions of so called seminars, etcs. on actual ground they have nothing to do nor they are able to do.

    I salute the mass for their volunteering spirit they are the actual savers. thanks to CM and other government official. we are only watching the news of skardu on tv and radio. nothing is mentioned and reported on the media about these neglected areas. but the people of these areas have big hearts and spirits and alway they proved their bravery in such disasters.

    thank you

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