Latest videos related to Attabad disaster


by Zulfiqar Ali Khan


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  1. Dear members of Pamir Times

    Thanks for undating us through diffent ways as text, pictures, and vidios. I appreciate your tireless efforts of highlighting the challenges of the poeple of Hunza during this criticle time.
    Thanks once again

    Mohammad Ali
    IED, Karachi

  2. Hello,

    It is really a gr8 effort to project the issues of hunza valley and contribution of the government,especially the legeslative assembley of Gilgit Baltistan under the kind management of Wazir Baig to help the IDPs of Attabad.
    May Allah give u more strengthen to serve the humanity.

  3. It is great disaster for the people of northern area and also for economic of pakistan.Now it is time to woek togethewr for solving this great accident.Beinga human being its our duty to come forward and left our all others problem behind . Thousands of peoples are left their homes thier homeland i have no words to express my feelings may allaha give us unity strenght and ability to do so……………… Ameennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  4. Hi everybody!
    its my message 4 every single person and specially the students,that the disaster which has just effeced few villages of gojal,is near future going to be a great exalination from us. if v vil remain disconnected from the world for few months then we vil go 10 years back in economical feild,educatinal field and many others. so all of us as the future leaders need to think over it and its our responsibslity to promote this issue on every platform, so v could make a hardak for upcoming difficulties.
    so be prepared for this task.
    may god save us from every disaster and specially from this. ameen.

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