A message for the political, religious and social leaders of Hunza – Nagar!

The temperature in Hunza - Nagar seems to be rising over the unresolved issue of district headquarter and the allegations of nepotism and favouritism in hiring of government employees. From the platform of Pamir Times we would request the leaders from Hunza and Nagar to avoid conflict by being honest, brotherly and united. An appeal on behalf of Team Pamir Times


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  1. The traditional rivals will not settle in a common place, it is quite natural because they have a long history of wars. It is better to have a separate district for both the rivals. The progress of Hunza Gojal is due to their high literacy rate and updating themselves with time so they will get more seats as well can compete better. The people of Nagar are more inclined towards religious extremism, rather than a political pluralism so it is not possible to mix with the liberal society of Hunza.It is the duty of state to give equal opportunity to all masses to avoid confrontation in future.

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