Hunza Student Federation’s session on “political enlightenment”

by Tariq Rahim Baig

Gilgit, November 4: Two election candidates from LA – 6, Hunza, were invited by the Hunza Students Federation to address the youth at a session called “Political Enlightenment”. Noor Muhammad, an independent candidate supported by Hunza Action Committe and Wazir Baig, PPP ticket holder, discussed different issues related to Hunza valley, answering questions raised by the KIU student, at a local hotel in Gilgit city.

Both candidates said that students were focus of their attention, being leaders of tomorrow and they will do everything to ensure that the youth are facilitated and supported at all steps of their careers.

Noor Muhammad said that youth are the future leaders of Hunza valley and if elected he will ensure obtaining more opportunities for the students in different educational institutions across the country. He also said that educational institutions, including schools and colleges need to be built across Hunza valley.

Wazir Baig said that he would put in all his efforts to obtain two additional seats for Hunza valley. He also promised that the problem of electricity shortage will be resolved in the region.

Towards end of the session the guests were entertained with light refreshment. Public circles have appreciated the step taken by HSF.

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  1. Its remarkable how Noor Muhammad and Wazir Baig, two highly uneducated potential leaders addressed a gathering of students, especially when niether of them can speak a word of English. The should thank Asif Ali Zardari for appealing the Bachelors pre-requisite for political candidates. Mr. Kamil Jan has never even attended school. So im guess this is what the people of hunza are looking for, uneducated leaders to lead the educated masses. hmm.

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