[Pictory] Life on the debris

Photographs by Zulfiqar Ali Khan Text by Nur

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  1. Hight of the debris is still 200 feet above which levels just below central jamatknana Nazimabad shishkat so the entire area below central jamatkhana is in danger. but no one knows how much the working condition goes on till next two months, may God save the entire village from this catastrophe.

  2. Thanks for bringing photographs for viewers of Pamir Time. i carefully viewed the photographs which attract some attention of people, but there is more room to for attracting attention of the readers. I think any one show that how much KKH road is submerged into lake and who much land and buildings of use is submerged into lack. Give a clear picture for attention of readers. The showing of hills do not serve any purpose. Make interview of pepople.

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