[Pictorial] The lake that changed everything, almost!

Asghar Khan takes us on a pictorial tour of the Gojal Lake (aka Hunza Lake/Attabad Lake), near Gulmit, in upper Hunza. The telling photographs show how the village topography and, also, some elements of its culture are gradually changing with passage of time.

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  1. Gojal Gojal Gojal! this website is so biased towards Gojal. what do you mean by Gojal Lake? It is known as Attabad Lake for all.

  2. can i know what are you showing?????????,,, its not a gojal lake …..
    if you are really doing for gilgit baltistan,.,, you must write the true picture about atta abad disaster…… you never discuss about the IDP’s of atta abad who lost everything…. i will wait for your response…

  3. Mr hamid
    what the hel do u mean by it the Lake has submerged the Houses and land of Gojal so whats ur problem when it is called Gojal Lake ???? Gojal is Part of Hunza so there shouldnt be any issue if it is called Gojal Lake

  4. Lets clear the issue of Attabad or Gojal Lake.
    Both Gojal and Attabad is in Hunza, you can call it Hunza Lake as well. We call it Gojal Lake because its in Gojal, It has submerged the land of Gojal, People call it Attabad Lake it is formed because of the Landslide in Attabad, If you will go there and see it than you will know the reality, the lake starts for the edge of Attanabad (where the attabad village is ended) toward Gojal, its not on the land of Gojal that’s why people call it Attabad.

  5. Dear Hamid/aslam and Shum Dunyo/Spo Shum Naseeb

    Thanks for the criticism and opinions.

    Please contribute news/information about Attabad IDPs, if you have, so that we are able to post the same on-line, asap!

    Further, rejecting your baseless allegation, let me say that Pamir Times speaks for the mountain societies of Gilgit – Baltistan and Chitral and, in the future, even beyond that, Inshallah!

    Kindly note that we were the first online news medium in the region to point out the disaster even before it happened. (Pls read)

    Kindly also refer to the following reports that we have prepared about the IDPs of Attabad and their problems, since January 4, 2010.




















    Besides, instead of getting in the fight for naming the lake, your focus should be on pushing the government to drain it. However, check the link below to know that we have been using the term Attabad Lake for long.

    Had you looked more thoroughly, you would have found that we use three terms Attabad Lake/Hunza Lake/Gojal Lake to denote the dammed Hunza River, which has engulfed 4 villages in Gojal Valley, displacing 457 households. That is the case because the name, unfortunately, has become a controversial issue, reflecting the divisions in our society.

    Our society would become a better place if we start contributing more, instead of criticising and blaming, without knowing ground realities.



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