Nawaz Sharif distributes cheques among Attabad IDPs, promises 5 model villages in GB

Suggests building hotels at dammed Hunza River to promote tourism

Hunza, December 15: Nawaz Sharif visited Hunza Valley the other day to distribute compensatory cheques among the IDPs of Attabad whose families had been killed in the fatal landslide of January 4, 2010. He presented cheques worth PKR 500,000 among the affected families.

Speaking to journalists during the visit Nawaz Sharif said that he would oppose imposition of tax in the GB region.

He also said that the government has failed to provide an alternate to the Karakuram Highway, parts of which are under the dammed Hunza River.

The former prime minister also made the oft repeated claim that he would develop the Gilgit – Baltistan region after coming to power.

Nawaz Sharif also visited the flood affected villages of Karis, Thalay and Qumrah in Baltistan. He announced construction of five model villages in different parts of GB.

He also suggested that hotels should be constructed on the banks of dammed Hunza River to promote tourism.  However, he did not make any significant comment about drainage of the dammed river.

During a meeting the former chief executive of NALA, Ghazanfar Ali Khan, briefed the visiting leader about the difficulties being faced by the people of Ayeenabad, Shishkat and Gulmit in particular and Gojal Valley in general due to blockade of the KKH and damages to property. He also thanked Nawaz Sharif for fulfilling his promise by compensating the Attabad IDPs.

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  1. leader of the taliban did a good job by distributing the cheques but remember it is the tax money of pakistani specially the people in Punjab.

  2. I really wonder:
    how much money has each effectee of Attabad got
    how much has government given
    how much have others given like FOCUS
    how much hv othewr parties given like Nawaz Shariff

    are people of Attabad becoming dependent on free food and aid?????

  3. I cant believe that NS gave away
    just Rups 500,000(five hundred thousand)
    even Rups 100,000,000 (ten million woudl have
    been inadequate

  4. I am surprised what our people of Hunza want. if they are not given compensation they object. give them compensation they object. Please make difference between Taliban and Nawaz Sharif. After attacks on Ahmedis in Lahore he said Ahmedis are his brothers and incurred the wrath of Mullahs. Taliban will never say that. Can our Hunzukuch tell the people how much paid by leaders from hunza and Gilgit-Baltistan to the affected people. we should look at things objectively instead of indulging in subjectivity and becoming impulsive. We are a confused nation. that is why we do not have sense of what is good and bad deed. secondly, we Hunzukuch are no less than the Taliban for we are very introvert people despise all the communities around us. Such is a fate of closed society and mentality.

  5. There should be one objective and that is removal of the dam. I hope people do not get distracted by such talk of hotels and lake toursim. It will benefit few and keep many dependent on aid. Remove the dam!

  6. I hail the comment by Haritham. Well said Mr. Haritham.

    Morever i’d like to say a few words to your beloved team at PT.

    You have not surprised me at all with your due diligence. First of all, Ghazanafar Ali Khan was not the deputy chief executive, but finished his term as the Chief Executive of Northern Areas.

    Second of all, even when a cow gives birth in Hunza, flash photographer/journalist Mr. Zulfiqar is present to cover the story but when two times prime minister Nawaz Sharif visits Hunza in the dead of winter to distribute cheques, no one from PT is there.

    Please let it be clear that this visit was upon personal request by the former Chief Executive and not a planned visit. The scheduled visit was to take place in January. Receiving 5 lacs in the current times, was a sight for sore eyes.

    Be grateful and highlight someone’s contribution.

    1. Dear Ali Aman Hunzai

      Thank you for pointing out the oversight with respect to designation of Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Khan. The error is regretted.

      Our respected team member, Zulfiqar Ali Khan, has shifted to Gilgit for professional reasons so could not cover Nawaz Sharif’s visit of Hunza.

      However, we provided due coverage to the visit on Pamir Times.

      Thanks for sharing your opinions.



  7. The PT team is deliberately exposing the statement of building hotel at debris, i know that nobody of the PT team members where there for coverage they should first inquire the whole scenario and than make news.

  8. Thank You Mr. Nawaz Sharif for the Suggestion, it’s as per expectation
    See people, how serious he is about the Problem of Hunza Gojal,

    People of Hunza Specially Gojali why you are sleeping
    Please wakeup and fight for your right, Govt of GB will do nothing for you,
    Do or Die is the only solution; Govt will never discharge the DAM water, as Mr. Nawaz Sharif Clearly indicated

    Khuda ney aaj thak uss Qam ke halat nahi badli
    Na hoo jis ko khayal ap apney halat badalney ka

  9. Yea, his contribution should be appreciated. Although, Nawaz Sharif is on a preemptive run in the virgin niches for his next elections. Especially to outclass Musharaf, the former dictator, who is planning to cook his politics in Gilgiit-Baltistan and Chitral, the areas blanked with his 2nd skin. Nawaz Sharif is also sending trucks of relief goods to Chitral. We Should appreciate Nawaz Sharif’s philanthropic efforts without sinking in his politics (if we do not like his politics) If an underprivileged gets something, we must share that happiness.

  10. The initiative taken by Mian Nawaz Sharif is laudable, which will help in mitigating the sufferings of the affected people. From the very onset of the disaster, Mian Saheb, his brother CM Punjab and party took active part in helping the people, which is still continued and thanks should go to Mian Saheb for that.
    Those who have chosen this occasion to criticize Mian Saheb are not doing any service to the suffering people as well as to the people of GB. In every move one should not see ulterior motives and specially when something is related to helping victims of a natural disaster. Of course, Main Saheb is a politician and he has the right to do everything he can to popularize and publicize himself but when what he is doing for that purpose benefits the people, that should be welcomed instead of criticizing. As being head of one of the largest party in the country, he can be expected to take measures to keep intact his support in public and if he is doing that in form of philanthropic activities that should not be termed as hypocrisy. Mian Saheb has played an important role in the development of GB and in transition of the political setup for the region. Also Mian Saheb has a good stake in GB politics which is also evident from the election, where his party emerged as second with little or some margins at 9 seats and won 3, which indicates that if future Mian Saheb’s being in power at center will also affect GB political scenario. Therefore, it will not be correct to say that he is only trying to give breath to his party through what he is doing.
    Mian saheb’s suggestion about building hotels by the sides of dammed Hunza river should be welcomed. If the river is going to stay longer and it can not be released then it should be used for some purpose instead of always lamenting its formation. Time goes ahead, it does not go back or stay stagnant. The phase of destruction is over and the phase of changing this into opportunity should start. But of course, in all cases the the interests of the affectees should remain at the top priority and the new opportunity should not only rehabilitate them but also promise a secure and better future.

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