Eco Adventure Club

Eco Adventure Club, part of Eco Adventure Foundation, is a a platform for adventure seeking lovers of Morther Nature. The club also provides training and equipments to its members!

ECO Adventure Club has arranged numerous rock climbing events. Recently ECO also arranged a cycling excursion and are planning to start a campaign to increase awareness of this healthy activity.

The club has also arranged campings, mountaineering expeditions and hiking trips not only in Islamabad but also in Gilgit – Baltistan. ECO helps in making adventure eco-friendly on the one hand, and provides an adventurous platform for the youth, on the other.

Since ecology and its impacts are not confined to the boundaries of race, language, nation and religion, Eco-adventure is open to the youth from any part of the world. Its objective is to make synergies among the youth of the world to protect environment by promoting eco-friendly adventures.

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