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[Pictory – 12] Whether or not to protest for rights?

In almost all civilised and democratic countries, the right to strike and peaceful protest, is protected by constitution. Protest is considered as part of basic human rights in order to raise voices against sufferings and injustices. aliabad

This phenomenon is very common in developing countries, like Pakistan, where the established institutional mechanisms are unable to ensure the basic needs and rights of its subjects.  Critics are also in view that such events are exploited for different hidden agendas.  

The reason to develop the above context is, to discuss, whether the people of Hunza should also strike and protest to get their basic rights or opt for alternatives? Majority of the people are in view that such activities are bringing bad impressions regarding the peaceful and educated society of Hunza valley. The discussion should also need to consider the fact that the political as well as administrative mechanisms and leaderships in our part of the world are not ideal to address issues proactively. 

Let’s discuss.

By Zulfiqar

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  1. This is a universal truth that if “a child will cry then his/her mother feeds” i am strongly agreeing the basic right of peaceful protest BUT it should be out of scoring any political or personal gains.

    We are living in a society where the concept behind protest or strikes is perceived in a manner of destruction where the public and private properties are damaged. So shocking But if we compare our region to the urban areas of our country, we can proudly conclude that we are more civilized, progressive peaceful society, and I am at the same time afraid to say that the approach and perceptions of the people may be change with the experience and political differences and in future these peaceful protests may changed violent.

    I am really proud of the female protesters and may God keep our society peaceful for ever.

    Warmth Regards,

    Shahid Ali

    The FMFB Rawlapindi.

  2. I totally reject protests as it is not a civilised way. If the country not civilised we should not act like them.

  3. The freedom of speech and demostration is the basic right of every human being as defined in the UN ‘s human right charter.
    Its really saddening to see problems in Hunza are not addressed by the elected leaders and administrations.
    People of Hunza peaceful and coming into the street will deterorate the peace of the region and also give birth to feelings of violence in the youth of the area.
    One should not give hope rather persuade the elected leaders and representative of the problems. May God wake up their
    conscience .

  4. As someone has said, “it takes courage to come out on a street to protest, it takes further courage to take the police beating, and it takes even more courage to go to jail in defence of the cause that you believe in”.

    I know, I don’t have the courage at the moment to be part of any protest be it highly peaceful because I am too busy earning livelihood for my family and trying to climb up my professional ladder. In the process, I don’t want to be labelled as ‘uncivilised’ or ‘socially incorrect’. What I can do now though is to appreciate and salute the peaceful protests in case of dry port in Hunza and the restoration of the Chief Justice.

  5. The original meaning of the protest is to raise hues and cries against the governmental decisions, policies and any injustice, everyone knows that but what everyone not knows is the actual method of raising your voice against the odds. The most simple and correct manner is that your protest must be a peaceful one, in a calm and quite manner, and the most important and mandatory requirement is that everyone and I mean everyone i-e peoples as well as those against whom you protest are aware of your action, and for this you it is necessary to gather head counts secondly the electronic media for promotion and advertisement (because with the help everyone internationally knows about it) and third and most important to invite public as well as political figures to your protest. So I am completely in favor of the simple, peaceful protest which create results.

    Regards ,

    HBL, Karachi

  6. This is not right way of protests. These kinds of act create uncertainty in our region. Being a civilized people we should fight for our rights through education. As you all know these kinds of acts create how many problem for the people in other parts of our country. So think about all the people and the region.

    Salman karim
    SCB – Islamabad

  7. Peaceful protest for the right of the people is an important part of democracy but that should not be at the cost of public and private property.

    In Hunza; if any protest takes place, that should be sensible (purposeful) not like what happens in the rest of the country.

    Best regards,


  8. I am pleased to see that the people of Hunza finally initiated to fight for their rights. But at the same time it makes me distressed to see the way the protest is staged by burning dyers on roads. The strikes should not be at the cost of peace and worries to visitors, travelers and the local business community. Hunza being known as a civilized and educated region, the way of protest and fight for right should also be in a civilized way which must not harm the peace, economy, public property and image of the region.
    Protests can be staged at a public place in an organized way with justified reasons and commitment to its effectiveness. The most powerful tool of electronic and print media can be utilized to bring the demands in the knowledge of the concerned authorities. Such exemplary protest will then prove the credibility of the region and effectiveness of the out come.


  9. For sure, we have our personal, local, & regional issues and our so-called educated society has not even figured out ways to deal with them. We have had many open debates over vacuum of political leadership in our society and suggestions to find suitable leaders etc etc on this platform in the recent past even… And before any one step forward, we see such immature, unreasonable, and shameful protests. We cannot afford let our youth & future generations prefer violence to consultation, debate, and intellectual struggle.

    The pictures above are not of what we claim to be or are proud of. This reflects the kind of leadership we have at the front when we protest for our rights, about which we all might not be sure…… And, those who trigger these (violent) kinds of protests may not be any recognized leader, but made/gets forward for any personal gain.

    I would urge all the sensible people to discourage all those who instigate lawlessness, violence, and enragement among the people. Please do not follow what happens in Swat or Kohistan.

  10. If deprieved of deserving rights, there must be a protest otherwise protesting for trivial causes is a mess and evil act.

  11. Such protests should be discouraged of burnings.We have enough experience on the soil of Hunza of burning protests from surrounding areas mobs.So NICE LEARNINGS!!!!!!!

  12. I really appreciate the point raised by Zulfiqar. The pictures posted with introductory page portray three different kinds of protests. The first two pictures tell us that protest is definitely the basic human right to raise your voice against injustice to you, to your society or to any segment of the society. similarly, claiming to be one of the educated and literate societies of Pakistan we should also ensure that protest can be done by any of the social segments like women as they have the equal role and cover half of the population, students as they are the future leaders and youth who can make a difference taking the nations towards their destiny. But last picture shows the influence of the surrounding scenarios of the country where it become a common phenomena to burn the tyres, damage the assets and kill the innocent people to show the intensity of the protest which is unacceptable to anyone who is loyal to his/her community because the damage that we done to the assets are ours. So i personally support the agitations and protest but should be in a way where you can communicate effectively your voice.
    BUT on one thing there is need to ponder which is the difference in basic human rights like law, justice, education, health, food, shelter, access to clean drinking water, employment and so on… to the people in the power due to money, political affiliations, gangs etc and to poor who is struggling to feed his family and have no any concern with other issues. in a situation where someone can change the verdicts of the courts, influence the court or give no any importance to the decisions of the courts or similarly police give the says to burn, to damage the property and to blockage the roads for a long time……and on the other hand protesters demanding for their rights are being beaten by the police, arrest them and put them behind the bar and cases go on until his/her death. In such situation what we will do? Should we too burn the tyres, loot the banks, kill the innocents or blow the bridges???? i thing to have our voice and say we need to join our hands and should show the strengths of unity and diversity forgetting the differences of sects, creed and tribes and raise our voice collectively with peaceful protests. There is a huge responsibility on the leaders of the area and political representatives that to what extent they go for the basic rights of their people.

    There is a saying that “the most difficult thing is not that when the people do not understand you, the most difficult thing is that when you do not understand yourself”. so there is need to understand ourselves and our strengths so no one could get benefit promoting the minor difference of the people living across Hunza and Nagar.

    Barkat Ali

  13. I really appreciate the topic raised for discussion by Mr. Zulfiqar. In some of the comments mentioned above it has been rejected that strike is not the way to ask for the basic human rights. so far our country is concerned we don’t have the idea and manner of protest but it is really encouranging that the people in our area are much much civilized. they love peace and harmony but this peace loving manner of the community has deprived them from their basic rights. we should continue the protest in a civilized way untill and unless things get better.A protest is a voice that knocks at the door of our representatives in the government offices.

  14. It has been a discouraging activity of making protest in HUnza or Gojal, but nowadays nothing is possible without protestint for thier rights, so there should be protest but no in the sense of burning or damaging something, we should protest for our rights.

  15. I do not advocate the type of protests involving violence/sloganeering. The demands need to be communicated through moral stands and intellectual approaches without getting disappointed on the ineffectiveness that we are witnessing today. HUNZA has to be different and act as a model for the world.

  16. We must have to protests for the basic human rights in order to raise voices against sufferings and injustices. i think with out protests it is not essay to get their right in this age. and it also indicate that our peoples are one, they are with one another in their difficulties. and our people also have the knowledge, and they are able to do anything.

    Safdar Budlay
    Karachi University

  17. Even the ladies of the area coming out on to the roads clearly indicates the severity of problems they face, injustices meted out to their villages and highhandedness exercised by the powers that be. Womenfolk, everywhere, generally prefer to be indoors most of the time. People just don’t come on to the streets for fun sake; they take this option and exercise the constitutionally guaranteed right as a final resort to press their demand and highlight the common cause they pursue.

    In the snapshots shown above, nothing is being burnt, no public or private property gets damaged, as some of the contributors have tried to depict it as such; see it is just a bushfire/ tire burning; no vandalism at all – just peaceful demonstration venting out anger. The context above, amply shows the hate and anger of the people in a most civilized manner.

    “The kick -loving devils don’t understand simple words; they never have, never will” – as the Urdu saying goes.

    Hence demonstrations and strikes by the aggrieved people are their birth right and should be exercised in a civilised manner.

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  18. There should be protest with aims not with conspiracies, couple of people when come out on the road, gurantees are limited of nonviolent. We have to discourages so kinds of protest even though it a is democratic way of scoring points. When things become impossible people choose to choas or compelled to strike. Before a strike nobody could predict a prognosis. So the end solution should be strikes and protest!!!

  19. Dear Brothren & Sisters !
    Whom are all the protesters, which sect of Islam they are? We heared Ghugal- Pronouneced now GOJAL-HUNZA. are they Ismaili Muslims never saw on media in this way as depicted by Zulfiqar has opened for the discussion.
    I am very very shocked today why a person whom we are expecting to lead the WAkIX for comming time and Hunza specially. Is it a topic for discussion and debate is a question mark for us.
    We are followers of a IMAM and belong to a community whom had and have a history background- Don’t go for the past just take the example of Imam on IRAQ, how he responded on the destroy of TOMBS and SHRINE of his ancestors.
    Do we people belive that, pen is powerful then sword? If yes whom suggested for such pictorial presentation of the whole Ismaili community of Gojal-.
    Dear ZULFI, please before bring any such topics for the sake of GOD share it with the seniors. We and specially I have a great respect for u for the innovative ideas and ur wrriten ability we all are fane of ur, but today u have put us in the juncture of the road. How we express our feelings. Does in the world there exist any such example for presentation of his own community as u have highlighted.
    Once again for God sake, before bringing ant matter just share with the seniors- whom u thought to share.
    The image u build was collapsed in way I can’t express that, in words.
    My humble suggestion if u own- share with the elders of the area, because u have a lot of such personalities. whom have experience more then ur age. Once again I am ver sorry If I hart u and I appologise, but I do hope u realise the impacts for the comming time.
    I request u to immediately remove the pictures

  20. DEAR ALL ,
    we are living in a unique area with lack of basic necessities. Thanks to NGO’s who played a vital role in upgradation of our area with new knowledge and ideas.
    The role performed by our political leader is a sign of shy and shame, because we trusted them they expoliated us .
    The idea of peaceful demonstration is a symbol for the entire world and it is the best way to alert the Government. Insteaded of hue and cry we should work on the principles of faith and trust .
    I observed too many strikes during my life they showed positive signs . Silk Dry Port strike is a sign of peaceful revolution and it is the result of their trust and faith. As we elected Mr. Gazani as NA representative from Hunza Expoliated the rights of the innocent people of Hunza the reason was lack of trust , faith , loyality, respect of ideas and so on , as people realized thir faults they protested in a great manner and proved that they can washout the monoplist leadership from Hunza.

  21. if u can”t get ur rights properly then u will have to do something to get them………….thats all about it…………..thnx

  22. We must not belive on distructions like burning the tires or public properties which effects our own image world wide as we are known for peace and tranquality.

    Youth should ask the elected leaders of the areas that why thay have kept our particuler issues in the doll drum.

    For such kind of political jestures we need a proper and seprate political plate form.

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