Rizvi accepts mistake, apologizes

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Gilgit, April 11: GBLA independent member, Syed Razi Udin Rizvi, today accepted that he made a mistake by threatening to bomb the assembly building. He said that the statement was an emotional outburst which has hurt the GBLA members and also the public.

He, however, again said that the government failed to fulfil its promises with the independent candidates from Gilgit city.

Speaker Wazir Baig said that GBLA is a face of Gilgit – Baltistan and the conduct of the representatives reflects the society as a whole. He said that instead of discussing personal issues inside the house, the members should use it for public issues.

Public circles have hailed Rizvi’s acceptance of mistake and apology as a sign of maturity.

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  1. took him a long time to become mature.usually men are suppose to reach maturity in their twenties

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