Aged man shot dead near Shaheen hotel, Gilgit

by Abbas Wafa

Gilgit, August 2: An aged man named Sher Nawaz son of Sher Muhammad, a resident of Majini Muhalla, was shot dead near Shaheen hotel, Kashrote.

According to reports Sher Nawaz was a Shia and his murder is being seen as a continuation of the sectarian killings that have plagued peace of the region for decades.

Failure of the law enforcing agencies to stop the sectarian murders, despite of a heavy presence in the area, has left people speculating that a very powerful terrorist group might be behind the crimes.

People in the city are afraid and uncertainty rules the streets as guns rage.

The government had yesterday announced initiation of a cleanup operation to nab perpetrators of the recent violence as well as to cleanse the city of illegal weapons. However, despite of the heightened security the terrorists’s ability to strike does not seem to be affected.

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