Experts to review condition of Hunza Lake spillway

KARACHI: A team of experts will take off from Islamabad to Gilgit to asses the possibility of widening the Attabad spillway.

According to Chairman NDMA General (retired) Nadeem, the team will review the task to broaden spillway. The outflow from the lake has now reached to 8,900 cusecs.

General Nadeem said that three big stones were hampering the flow of the lake. If the stones were removed, the river stream could reach 15,000 to 20,000 cusecs, which would cause a gradual fall in the water level.

He also stated that dynamite would be used to remove the stones and all the precautionary measures had been taken in this regard.

Once the stones were removed, experts would review the situation and decide if it would be plausible to send the IDPs back home. Resuming boat services was also something under consideration. – DawnNews

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  1. Who are these experts and what is their expertise, are they real experts or just on a picnic, with their wives and children, where they have worked previously and what will be the cost of the trip and for how long they are going to sty their, what will happen next.
    Their names qualification and association should be publicly announced so we the public should be confident the government is not joking but it’s a serious group to visit the area.
    And General (Ret) Nadeem what is his capacity in such situation, its not a war issue but natural destruction, ,,,,,,,,,,,
    Just a thought,

    1. Wonder full Mr. Nazeer, i appreciate your philosophy my openion is same with u for experts from Karachi were people need water and they wants to be experts it is seems to me some thing wrong. we wont really really experts from outside any possible and convienint country.


  2. Why have these experts not come here before? What are they waiting for?????

    1. They was waiting in the bigining just for filling water in the area then they will blost it. they are toooooo late know.

  3. Genral Sahab,
    We hope you will keep your commitments and will not disappoint the local community.
    Your prompt action will be rewarded with the prayers of the victims of disaster.
    Good luck!

  4. This is not the case that NDMA doesn’t know the solution that landslide which has turned into barrier —needed only one solution; all the massive Boulders right to depth of it must be blasted out to encourage the flow and erosions to attain the desired flow and drain the lake..

    But explosive used in blasting the boulder would result into;

    • Trigger more land slide which may further block the barrier.
    • In case of breakage of barrier and sudden eruption may cause unprecedented downstream damage to the life and property.

    In both the cases; may it be additional upstream drowning owing more landslides and additional blockage— or downstream damage due to sudden eruption. No authority could take the risk at their own neither the government fearing disaster may like to take that decision.

    But now— Since it has become a public demand and people are pressing hard to bust the barrier; it is expected that control explosions will be under taken.
    Damage is but eminent. Hopefully this effort does not triggers more landslides and explosions serve the purpose to encourage more flow.

    People must give sadaqats and pray to Almighty Allah; that He showers His special blessings on this area and life and property remains under his protections. Amen.

  5. I guess Gen Nadeem has established a pretty good relationship among the locals. His consistent follow ups in those areas and atitude to talk/listen to people and his willingness to undertake interventions including controlled blasting to ensure increased outflow of lake water refelects his seriousness to his job. I wish the Ex- Chairman could have anticapated the music, we are facing now.
    I hope the current Chairman NDMA along with experts will manage to acheive the objective/s in a short span of time, which is most needed.


  6. who is saying there are experts in Pakistan? than why not any solution other than NDMA Deal-way and FWO Steal-way…..? NDMA chairman is saying we called FIVE international experts…………….? anyone knows knows about? except David Petlay by FOCUS.

    listen G. Nadeem about the five experts….and many more…

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