[Pictory] Revisiting the dammed Hunza River

Images: Asghar Khan

Spillway of the dammed Hunza River has been closed for more than nine days. The water level has been rising in the lake. The Frontier Works Organization (FWO), a specialized body within the Pakistan Army, has been carrying on excavation of the dammed river’s spillway. They plan to drain the river-lake in phases.

The first attempt had failed to bring any significant change in the lake level. The local people have been stranded for more than 14 months due to blockade of the Karakuram Highway, around 8 kilometer stretch of which has been caused to submerge in the lake.

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  1. FWO or whoever is responsible for this task has a very small window of time available as snow melt will start in next 10-15 days and lake level will start to increase due to increased in-flow in lake.

  2. when will the govt. solve the problem of attaabad lake. No one shows their responsibility. one year passed but the situation is same. the people of gojal are very worry about the increasement of water so………….

  3. It is sheer wastage of time and precious public funds. We do not understand why the contract was awarded to them despite the fact that they had failed so badly during the construction of the so called spill way. It clearly shows the unwillingness on the part of the provincial as well as the federal government to solve the problem of the population of Gojal, either on ethnic or sectarian basis because no government can afford to let its great economic opportunity (KKH) suspended for such a long time.

    This is clearly pushing the peace loving ethnic Wakhi population to the wall which has shaken the patriotism of these people who have alway remained in the frontline in times of need for the region as well as the country.

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