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Attiqa changes mind, opposes election boycott in Hunza

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan

HUNZA, Sept 29: Political leaders in Hunza valley gave mixed reaction to the announcements made by prime minister Yousuf Raza Gialni, yesterday. While some welcomed the financial package, others expressed concern for not announcing an additional seat for Hunza in the Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA).

Atiqa Ghazanfer, former member of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, appreciated the new package and said that the announcement of Hunza-Nagar district will bring new opportunities for the local people. She said the demand of the people of Hunza for the additional seat in GBLA is legitimate but boycott of the election is not the ultimate solution. She said the election boycott will leave out the people of Hunza for another five years from the political process.  We
should learn from the experience of the people of Nagar who boycotted the election on call of Tharik e Jafaria, she advised.

PPP leader Fida Karim said that the package had addressed basic demands of the people of the region. He said announcement of the new Hunza-Nagar district would bring new opportunities for the people of both valleys. Strengthening the Sost Dry Port would help revival of tourism and border trade in the region. The party would soon announce its strategy for the forthcoming election, he added.

Advocate Ehsan Ali, leader Labour Party Boloristan, termed the package an eyewash and said that the people of Gilgit-Baltistan were expecting announcement of mega projects like establishment of industries and incentives for the locals in border trade. PM talked about the Sost Dry Port as it generates billions of revenue for Federal Government but not talked about the legitimate right of representation of the people of Hunza in GBLA.  He said the All Hunza Action Committee will stage sit-in in front of the Returning Officer in Hunza and will not let anyone to file their nomination papers. He said the All Hunza Action Committee would stage a sit-in in front of the Returning Officer Hunza and would not let anyone to file their nomination

Baba Jan, chief Progressive Youth Front Hunza, rejected the package, saying that the All Hunza Action Committee would devise its strategy soon.

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  1. Well, Atiqa and Gazanfer need their pocket money so it is not unusal. They have to float here and there for their survival.

    It is all survival struggle, Good for them to be seasonal,

  2. I agree with Mr. Ali

    what ahappened to the struggle for additional seats in Hunza region???
    r we intimidated that easily???we can’t even fight for our rights

  3. Is there any room left for you Mrs. Atiqa Ghanzenfar (i mean you and your family)?

  4. Mr. Riazullah Baig,

    First of all this blog should be labelled as (antimir times) instead of pamir times. Second of all, Rani Atiqa has emphasised that boycotting the elections is no solution to attaining the second seat. And if you’ve read your news carefully, Mr. Riazullah Baig, The PM of Pakistan also added that its upto the newly elected GBLA to decide the fate of the second seat since the new council has been provided with more autonomy than in the past.

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