Latest photographs of the Shishkat – Gulmit Bridge

by Zulfiqar Ali Khan & Kamran Ahmed

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  1. Oh my God. Seems the Bridge will go in few days. i am extremely thankful to Paamir Times Team for providing real time information to us. God Bless you all and our beautiful Gojal.

  2. I am very greatfull to gojal net for providing latest and accurate news and updates.I am optemistic that you(gojal net) will provide more and more updates regarding to our needs and requirments.

  3. this is a very high time for the inhibitants of shishkat.Our prayers are with them.I want to ask through PT the people of lower Hunza that why they are just enjoying the news and not protesting to save Gojal?Such an inconsiederate attitude is ggiving a different message to the people of Gojal.

  4. Lets we prey and hope for a better tomorrow instead of blaming one part of the Hunza valley. My dear Katib we all are as worried as you are and struggle to target every possible way to get out of this night mare. See the picture “published today in Pamir” the protesters in Islamabad, they are not only brothers of upper Hunza but from all over the valley. Please be realistic and contribute your share to over come the aroma.
    It is not a right time to indulge the nation in a base less argument, this will earn nothing but surface suspensions for each other which will be ultimately the loss to all but nothing else.

    1. Dear Irfan you are very much right that its not an approperiate time to discuss political differences.But the political representatives have been elected to address such problems confronting now a days by the [people of Gojal.If its not possible for the govt. to rlease water but its in the capcacity of the people of lower Hunza to raise voices to give protection and dignities to the affectees.You are giving refrence of the people who staged protest in Islamabad in favour of Gojal.Would you please tell me what the people of Hunza are doing now a days in Hunza?The people of Gojal are now land locked and the are now both hapeless and hopless.What would be the contrbuttion of the people of lwer Hunza for them?Its very much apperant that gojajlies voted for Wazir Baig not for Hunza Action Committee.They have proved themselves that the looking byond the linguistic and regionalism by not voting for the natives of Gojal who wre contesting the election.You cant hide the apathy of lower Hunza by taking help of few emotional events.We are expecting more from them ,being strong advocate of united Hunaza.

  5. @katib,
    you are 100% right, why people of lower Hunza are very silent and this is not fair when its election time then they used to come with huge carnivals but for now every one is silent in their home even the leaders. at least they should protest and pressurize the government, its enough for now how much more they want to sink and suffer Gojal.

  6. Dua for protection!

    @katib and alia, you are right. it is time for action. The selfish elected representatives are relaxed and even they have no capability and leadership quality to serve people. They can’t even access the PM and president. It is a shame that we lack honest leadership. May God protect us all.

    1. i am from lower Hunza and yes I feel that Lower hunza people have not spoken yet which is needed, and I guess I was the one soke hell about so called leader ( not to be elected ) and unfortunately this man was blessed more uper Hunza, anyways this is not the right time to speak …… about politics, but someone PLEASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEe take this matter seriousely and save Uper and Lower Hunza, you can not even imagine what this going to bring if God for Bid lake flows in a sudden…

  7. Dear Alia and Dua.
    As far as the elected personalities are concern, I stand up with you. It is their political, moral and ethical duty to stay in the front line to fight at the highest level and it is our responsibility to wake them up for any weaknesses they might have exhibit as far as this problem is concerned. I differ from you when you talk of an individual and suspect the entire population of the certain part of Hunza, Why we should try to erect a wall of hatefulness with in our selves instead of tiring to unite each other when we actually need each other.
    Mr. Wazir Baig is also seen in one of the boat, which proves that he has traveled in them, I can not comment over the physical condition of the boats as have not seen them, but it gives me some satisfaction that people have this option at least to travel when other possibilities don’t exist.
    Please tell us through Pamir Times, How can we be effective in our places to bring some comfort to the sufferers, Please share with us your ideas, we all will and must give more of our time to this cause, but please don’t discuss who is doing what, we all together can bring some pleasant change for the betterment of the area.

  8. @ Irfan, It is not about some part of Hunza, the whole Hunza and Nagar is under threat if the water erupts.

    The poor conditions of boats are further confirmed in the recent post. Regarding the suggestions for effectiveness, there have been plenty of them ………….. but no action. The action required was the immediate release of water……..but it has been about two months.

    To discuss what the elected GB representatives are doing and what not…………. is our right. People especially the youth will not more afford politics on miseries of people and lose of properties of their forefathers.

  9. Zulfiqar bhay we are really thankful to you and to the whole team of PT.Its really a great job you people are doing.
    Situation of our gojal is becoming worse day by day.We can imagine the difficulties which our people are facing and will face.
    I am not still getting why our government is sitting idle?
    We have got the political right to fight for our basic rights.
    If this is democracy then we dont need such democracy.
    Though democracy is defined as government of the people,for the people,by the people.
    meher jabeen

  10. This is a serious tragedy.When large and important infrastructure of an area gets sunk in river slowly over 45 days and the government helplessly sees in sink,we all should feel sorry.
    Does anyone realize how much money it will take to re-build the bridge?,how much time it will take?. In case of dam failure,this bridge will get washed out and become strucurallly weak and collapse.

    Why is National assembly not discussing this inportant issue.Our country is cut-off road link with our brotherly friend dear country of China.

    And what does NDMA send us; 10 rusted boats out of which only 4 -5 work ,even these boats are rusted and have holes.can someone please point these things out.

  11. wnderful update form, i realy congratulats the team members who are doing their best for making frush updates to the people of effectd area as wel as the world.

    lets hope for the best but efforts are essential for success.
    keep your struggle ahed.

  12. I dont understand why the people of gojal r silent, there is not a single protest seen any where in gojal. It is not a mater of agitation but asking for the genuine rights. Wake up gojal,wake up government and save gojal.

  13. upper hunza is sinking day by day and It will cause a great to loss to lower hunza if water is not released immediately.i dont understand why govt is not taking proper steps to release water and why people of hunza are silent.please for God sake wake up and save our beautiful hunza.plz protest against govt.

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