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“We need more institutions like AKHSS”, Speaker NALA, Malik Miskeen


by Asghar Khan

Gilgit, December 03: “I was already aware of the academic excellence of students of this institution, but having witnessed the co – curricular talents of students of AKHSS – Gilgit, I can say that the future of Gilgit dsc09590– Baltistan is bright”. These views were expressed by speaker of Northern Areas Legislative Assembly, Malik Miskeen, while speaking the other day at the annual prize distribution and parent’s day at the Aga Khan Higher Secondary School, Gilgit. “Aga Khan Higher Secondary School is a pride worthy center of learning”, he further said, “because I have learnt that its students have been able to compete at national and international levels, winning laurels for the region and the country”.

He said that unknown elements were yet again trying to sabotage harmony of the country and it is the responsibility of educational institutions to promote unity, harmony and love for humanity. “AKHSS – like institutions are the need of our region”, said speaker Malik Miskeen. “You shall play an active role in creating harmony in the region”, he advised the assembled students.

Prior to him GM of the Aga Khan Education Services – North, Jan Madad talked about the vision of His dsc09732Highness the Aga Khan for development of the region’s human resources through provision of quality education.

Nizam Udin, Principal of the institution, presented a detailed report regarding the school activities during the past one year. He said that grade 12th students of AKHSS got six of the highest positions in Karakuram International University Examinations, during the year 2008, in Commerce; 1st and second, in pre engineering; 2nd and 3rd and in pre – medical;1st and 2nd.

Similarly, he talked about the excellent performance of grade 9th and 10th students in examinations held under The Aga Khan University – Examination Board, in which several students received overall best performances and several other received shields and certificates in different subject categories. He further said that yet another student of AKHSS went to the USA on a youth exchange program, for one year, in 2008. Around twelve students of AKHSS participated in a Science Model Exhibition held in Islamabad.


Students of AKHSS have also been improving their sporting qualities and are, now, counted among the best in Volley Ball and Soccer, in the town and, also, the region.

An exhibition of the Science Models prepared by students of AKHSS was also held on the occasion.

Entertaining and impressive songs and drama performances in local languages, Urdu and English, and traditional dance performances had been prepared by the students for the event.

11 thoughts on ““We need more institutions like AKHSS”, Speaker NALA, Malik Miskeen

  1. Welldone and keep it up. We are proud of you guys. The following quotes clearly depict present reality and future aspiration of AKHSS.

    I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.
    — Chinese Proverb
    Good schools, like good societies and good families, celebrate and cherish diversity.
    — Deborah Meier
    That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.
    — Doris Lessing

  2. Good job Asghar Khan! A brief and brisk account of the impressive event, highlighting Speakers’ candid thoughts and remarks about the premier educational institution of the area – AKHSS – Aga khan Higher Secondary School.

    Premier educational institutions such as the AKHSS, produce prime products, these products exhibit excellent performances, which translate into positive societal changes, transforming an area, such as ours, leading to creation of enlightened societies, ultimately

    Really proud of the AKHSS

    Mutabiat Shah, Islamabad

  3. Thats what makes me proud to be”AKHSSian”
    our will is strong our aims are high…..
    we will make u a place for the world to see……

  4. AKHSS really is the best educational institute in the whole of Gilgit Balitistan. I mean I don’t say it because I am a former student of AKHSS but because I can see it from my very eyes. Its competitive environment and co-cirrcular activities prepare its students for their future. AKHSS definitely is the best and I am proud to call my self an AKHSSian!!!!!!!

  5. No doubt where ever we have ismaili institutions of any kind are far distinct to others, this is all because of decipline, punctual in respective field work and sincerity..
    well, we have AKHH and Aga Khan Academy in the north ,the explaination is far to reach, these instutions have boost our professional life amazingly.despite all ! i have noticed the performance of the students of that great isntitution ,for last one decade is less pleasing as well as displeasing, the aggregate productivity is not maintained , the expectation from these institutions students are very high ,because of the professional environment. we should have the leading professionals in various field of work,i admit there is great achievers but very few, i wish all those new comers and students that they must give some massive break throughs in madecine,engineering,education and maintain the reputations and great name of our institutions.
    best of luck

  6. AKHSS


  7. AKHSS is a marvellous institution which has been playing a vital role in nurturing the young talent in a way that if continued with the same pace will bring about many revolutions in every walk of life.
    The aim behind establishing the institution is to develop leaders who would lead through their knowledge and intellect the suppressed people of the region who have plenty of problems which are to be resolved to give them relief and guidence for better future prospects.It is all in connection with the quote as to act locally and think globally. To bridge the gaps which are persistent and to change the mind set.
    We hope and pray that the institution flourishes more and more to bring many dreams true.
    We have to struggle hard to meet the expectations of the people and should not leave even a single stone unturned.
    Aslam Ghalib( former student)
    Product Manager

  8. Dear Mirza Ali,
    You might be very much right according to your observations about the aggregate productivity but this is just the begining and we can not expect over night changes or an ideal situation. It takes many miles journey to reach the destination and knwoledge has no ends. The real indication towards achievement is not merely acquiring good jobs and good positions but the intellectual developement and finally the establishment of knowledge society.
    We need knowledgable people who could enlighten many hidden talents and pave them a way towards many innovations and big changes.
    I would like to regret that we are still not into the actual stream of knowledge and will take time to promote the sense and aptitude.
    People have developed not because of one day’s effort rather have gone through many experimetal phases for centuries.
    There is the need of positive criticism to get things channelized but can not expect very big changes in no time and that can only be referred to the magicians who claim likewise.
    With regards
    Aslam Ghalib


    AKHSS is not only an instituite
    its a factory where humans build

    and the only santace about AKHSS is
    the way to akhss is


  10. AKHSS is really an asset for North. I think this institute is doing a brilliant job, but we Alumni need to get back to it with the learnings from some of the best institues and we should give it to AKHSS to make it more better. I don’t mean that Alumni should starts teaching there but they should give suggestions fir its improvement.

    Sultan Mehmood
    Student Council AKHSS(2009-10)

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