Shehbaz Khan’s campaign office inaugurated in Nasirabad (Hindi)

Press Release

Hunza, October 25: Campaign office of Shehbaz Khan, GBLA candidate, was inaugurated in Nasirabad (Hindi) today. A large number of people participated in the inauguration ceremony, including people from Gojal valley, local notables, supporters and other residents of Nasirabad.

Former member of district council, Bahadur Khan addressed the inauguration ceremony along with Aala Numberdar of Gojal, Shahgul Aziz and Khush Qadam, among others.

Representing the residents of Nasirabad the speakers said that drinkable water is a major issue of the village. Shehbaz promised to work on priority basis for supplying water to Nasirabad.

Tomorrow a campaign office would formally be opened at Altit, Hunza.


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  1. Dear Mr. Shahbaz!

    Great efforts go ahead but i don’t understand about ur struggle regarding the up comming GBLA election ok but could u please mention ur menifesto, whats ur gambling near future……

    Great Brother please just provide us ur menifesto..

  2. I don’t think Shaboz khon has a serious chance of winning this election. His reputation over the years has gone from bad to worst, and i guess he won’t even win the district council seat from gojal. He definitely is entitled to try his luck

  3. Ehhhh!!! ya its true the respect and disrespect is from the Divine, but don’t know what is in his cruel mind.
    He got respect now he dezrvz……
    Any how this is toooooo much i’ll prefer casting ma to the oppostion rather then to this parasite……..coz u can easily identify ur opposition but it is difficult to know the parasite…….it can b within u.

    so plzzzz stop this……. man

  4. i bet that he will pull out of the elections a day before the actual election…this is all a drama to create nuisance value

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