Professor Mehboob Ali Khan takes charge as GB Education Secretary

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Islamabad, October 24: Professor Mehboob Ali Khan, a seasoned academic and bureaucrat, has taken charge as Education Secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan, replacing Asad Rasool.

Professor Mehboob started his career as a lecturer in 1983. In 2005 he became deputy director of colleges and in 2006 promoted to the position of deputy secretary education. In 2006 he worked as secretary education when the position became vacant.

Professor Mehboob is a Hunzukut, belonging to Rahimabad, Gilgit. He is famous as a principled and honest officer.

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  1. I cogratulate Professor Mehboob Ali Khan on his appointment to be the secretary for education. Although he has rich experience in his field but he is an inactive person and having lack of knowledge and information about modern education policies and procedures..Would you agree me or not he is 100% govt minded employee(with confusing mind and decisions).But thanks God for everything.

  2. So proud of you Mehboob Sahib. Lots of congratulations to you, the entire family and all our people in Gilgit Baltistan. You are an exemplar and the youth needs to follow your pathway.

    With great happiness.



  4. Chief minister has done very well, similarly if all local senior officers are promoted in their deparments. Then they will play their role for the progress in each department and credit will go to the present provencial Government. Mehboob sb. being an educationist and most honest officer was most deserving to lead his department. People of all wakes of life and plotical parties must extend their support to him.

  5. My heartiest congratulation to my dear friend Mahboob Ali Khan for being elevated to the post of Secretary,Education.

  6. When I came down to visit the valley, I had a chance encounter with Mehboob Ali sahip few weeks ago and was impressed with his quite demeanor, and a probing attitude. While I didn’t get a chance to exchange a dialogue yet I detected in him a keen interest in exploring philosophical issues in relation to our existential quests in the sectarian milliue of GBC.
    I think someone with as an open mind yet critical and a reflective attitude, as that of Mehboob sahip, would be an advantage for the Education department of GBC to be run with the requisite intellectual competence and morally integrity.

    I wish him good luck and congratulations for this.

    Trangfa Maujood
    Shishper Meadows

  7. Congratulations to Sir Mehboob Ali Khan on electing as Secretary for Education for that mountanious part of Pakistan. Inshallah he will enlighten the education department by his competent and rich knowledge and of being an honest leader of that area.

  8. It is indeed a good news for the local officers and will really boost them to work hard with zeel, compassion, and commitment.

    Congratulations to Mebooob Sahib for his new appointment as head of the Education Department.

    I pray for the best. May Mowla Bless you.

  9. Well educated and competent persons are found in GB. The problem is that the GB government in general federal Government in particular have keen interest in appointing non-locals. Now this trend should be end forever and locals should be appointed in all departments.

  10. In act it is good decision to appoint local bureaucrats…we have experienced corrupt down country officers have hijacked our system in GB….

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