Security beefed up in Gilgit ahead of Ashura

CCTV cameras are being installed in Gilgit city as part of the security measures undertaken to avert any untoward incident during the month of Muharram, ahead of Ashura processions. Photo: Farman Karim Baig

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  1. Please Accept my Congratulations to Gilgit city Administrations for Postive steps taken also i would like to Thank PT and its Team for daily updating us about things happening in our Regions.thanks for your Volunteer Services

    First time some improvements have come to Gilgit regions..CCTV will help alot also there must be CCTV placed there on MAJOR EXIT/IN points to the Gilgit REgions..Going towards Rawalpindi/Towards Punyal/Towards Hunza and also @ Airport and Bus/Taxi stands.It will really help in matters of Safety and stop Terrorism on our peaceful city. I hope the admisnitrations of GB will plan more pro active roles similars to CCTV in other major parts of Gilgit.This is a must for every citizen protections..
    People must co operate with Authorites in bring safety to our Gilgit City.

    CCTV on All the Bridges at the Airport Road and Bus stand and major Exit points will help to bring Gilgit city under control of Survillances with a Central Command Center ,Everything is Possible.
    My best Wishes with Gilgit City Administrations .
    I hope and pray that ” PEACE ” Always Remains in our Gilgit, Baltistan at Large.

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