Gojal Valley our Homeland Submerging Every Hour

by Mehmood Ali

As we are all are well aware about the ongoing disaster because of the Lake at Hunza river. Shiishkat village is first  victim of the deadly lake which is gradually reaching Gulmit, Gulkin,  Hussaini and up to Passu.

There were several press conferences and demonstrations by different political and social organizations and the government has not yet taken any notice and serious step to release the Hunza River Water.

The suggestions from the Japanese professor, to create a breach with the help of powerful gesso pumps, were delivered to the high level army officials and because of their lack of interest they refused to implement this proposal.

There is shortage of food and medicines and other basic items.

Boat service has been limited to few trips in recent days to save extra expenses.

The real question for all of us is, whether we will remain silent and become the victim of the negligence of the government and the media? Will all our institutions remain inactive and do nothing for the affected people? Is there any way to involve the international organization, UN, ICRC, Human rights organization?

In my opinion we should work out on the following options:

1-Conduct a conference for all the international organization, UN agencies, NGO’s and head of Embassies of major countries at Serena Hotel
2- Motivate electronic Media to highlight this issue
3-Approach Supreme court of Pakistan and request for enquiry about the ignorance
4-involve China government to work out on the release of water as FWO and NDMA are not capable to handel such a huge disaster
5-with the help of political parties force the government to declare Gojal valley Disaster Hit Area
6-with the help of international organizations, donor agencies and with the help of local people of Gojal valley try to install few pumps to pump up water from upstream to downstream so we can control the rising level of water as we have been assured from some NGO’s that they are willing to donate for the purchase of pumps.

These are some task we can work out to save our homeland from forever destruction.

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  1. dear mehmood as committee save hunza gojal in karachi we are acting on all the above given proposal as for the superem court is concern i am much for it and am in clost contect with the well known law firms but since there is appelate court at gilgit therefore there are still some legal issues but soon you will listen good news

    Noor Khan

  2. • dear Mehmood thanks for your kind and brilliant suggestions and proposal i may be able to participate in some tv talk show for that i really need such information which you have high lighted regarding the japness professor’s propose and decaling by some pakistani authorities. very soon we will held press conference form the karachi bar and sindh high court bar association and sind bar council for that i really much in need of such information and i wanted to high light them my e-mail address is and contact number is 03343723134.
    i would also request to pamir times to provide me the e-mail address of mr. Mehmood .
    best regards
    Noor khan

  3. All of your options are basically an advocacy campaign and should go side by side. Conference alone will be not fruitful unless you don’t mobilize media and media will not be able to bring about the change u need unless government is not serious.
    So far I think the situation has not properly been communicated due to closure of border in winters as there is no movement of tourists and traders. I am not sure Supreme Court would be helpful as it would issue an order to help the people and release the water. Government will submit a report and say that it is doing its level best and water will be released soon. I am still with my basic idea of better communication on the three aspects
    I. Current situation- the situation of human sufferings, submerging of properties and transportation and supply conditions etc.
    II. Lake or In the case of not releasing water- the loss to economy, culture, ecology and landscape.
    III. In the case breaking of lake- loss to the downstream up to Indus Basin.
    To my limited understanding the issue must be taken as challenge on the eve of upcoming outcomes of global warming and climate change. The government, nongovernmental organizations and international organizations should take it seriously and learn from this and prepare for future. If the people of Gojal were not satisfied through ample efforts no communities would trust in government and non governmental institutions in the case of such a catastrophe. This is what we should communicate effectively and we should strategize to reach to the target audience.

  4. Dua for Practice,

    @ Mehmood Ali, Very excellent and practicable ideas. You have innovative suggestions. People like you should come together and make it practical.

    The govt and development organisations should come forward to work on such ideas otherwise people especially youth will stop thinking positively, innovatively and progressively.

    Both the problem and the solution lies with the government’s willingness. If the Government is not willing others should not step back. It is people who give power to rulers. …..

    @ Noor Khan Advocate, The lawyer community could play role and raise voice on the injustices and human rights of the neglected people of the areas, the loss of National assets in terms of KKH, China bridges, land upstream and downstream, trade with China and tourism. They have made history on their struggle for the restoration of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. The ignorance of the govt to save the National assets is also a form of corruption.

    Media is playing for money, which the affected area can’t afford.

    Certain part of the population is not active because of their political affiliations…, accepting injustices proclaiming for being democratic.

    Even if the existing machinery have been doubled that would definitely had made difference to remove the debris.

    May God protect Hunza and guide the Govt authorities to fulfill their obligations.

  5. This is what it supposed to be .i m agree with bro.these all ideas r so nice so we should start work on it, time is running so fast please save our beautiful land from this disaster.

  6. Mehmood bhay it is possible only if we are united.Our people are
    living in different part of pakistan and out side pakistan.If tasks will be given to responsible people then i hope the above six points will form a shape.
    Lets hope for the best.

  7. Dear Noor Khan yes we have to speed up our efforts before we lose our homeland….once it is submerged we can not get it back for life time.
    I will reain in touch with you to discuess all the issues

  8. There were 3 meetings with Gen Farooq which I know, and I did participatein two of them on behalf of Save Gojal committee. NDMA is fixed with what they are doing is great. Islamabad and Pindi based locals did show up less in number in the demonstation organized at in front of Parliment House!

    Even in the conference held at NPC ( organized by Sangi Development Foundation) on the 2nd March, participation from Gojal was far less than expecetd. Thanks to those who did participate- that reflected demonstration of what most people talk. I guess we were able to dessiminate the issue to number of key stakholders and shared the size and scale of problem and its implications to a wider scale.

    NDMA did announce in the conference that NESPAK and world Bank experts have been hired to assess the situation and come up with alternative solution. Right from the day one we were requesting the government to get outside relevant experties but NDMA was relectant.

    Lets hope the experts will offer solutions which may mitigate loss of more human lives, means of their livelihoods and key physical and social infrstructure up and downstream Hunza and uper part of Indus River Basin.


  9. Dear Mehmood U have good ideas and suggestions ,we need efforts to make it implemented by Government, for this we should approach to parlimanterians individually to convence and motivate them to do the best options to resolve the issue.
    we should keep the political and personal interests back and come forward and do our best to save our home land.

  10. We are coming to Hunza to do a story on the terrible crisis in one of the most buetiful parts of this country. We hope our reports from the area wil highlight the problems of the great people of Gilgit baltistan!.


    Kamal Hyder
    Correspondent Aljazeera English

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