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Passu, December 7: Ms. Shah Begum, grand mother of Pamir Times Reporter, Israr Ahmed Salahuddin, has passed away in Passu, Gojal, today.

She was mother of Mr. Salahuddin, Israr’s father. The grieved family comprises of Atta karim, Raza Khan, Ghulam Ahmed, Doulat Bakth and Zarina Karim.

On behalf of the readers and team members of Pamir Times we would like to offer our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. We all pray for the departed soul.

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  1. With Respect for Ghulam Ahmed & Family.

    With heartfelt condolence.May allah give Heavens for the deaprted soul.
    My personal condolence to Ghulam Ahmed bahi and all his family memebers.May Allah give all the family members courage to face this loss.

    K.D Wakhi and Family members USA

    My heart felt condolence to all family members of Mr. Salah ud din and family
    May Allah give courage to all the family to bear this loss, and pray for the departed soul.

    Aziz Ahmed

  3. From me and My family condolence to Ghulam Ahmed Salah ud din and
    all his family memebers.may Allah give her soul rest in peace she was a great mother for all passuvik .

  4. Allah Talah moom ko apny jawar rahmat may jaga day aur tamam lawaqeen ko sabar jameel ata farmaian (Ameen)

  5. May Mowla bless the departed soul with peace.

    Our heartfelt condolences to all the bereaved family especially Ghulam Ahmed and his family, loss of mother is not bearable, as I realized after loosing mine in July 2009.

    Sher Karim & Family

  6. Innah lillahi Wa innah Illaihi Rajoon,
    We extend our heartfelt condolance to all family members living inside and outside the country. We pray may Allah rest her soul in eternal peace Aameen
    Ali Masud & family

  7. Inna-Lillahi Wa Inna-ilaihi Rajio’on.

    May God Bless hes soul with eternal peace! Amen.

    I offer my condolence to the moaning family members, Ghulam Ahmed and his family.

    Ali Rehmat

  8. I and my family offers our heartfelt condolence to Mr.Salah ud-din and his family on the loss of their beloved Mother. May rest her soul in eternal peace.

    Ali Mehr
    Danyore Gilgit

  9. We offer our heartfelt condolances to uncle Sana Khan ; Salauddin; Ghlum Ahmad; and all family members. We pray for her soul to be rested in eternal peace.

    Darjat and Momo

  10. MR. Salah U Din Sanakhan& Family
    I learnt In Pamir Time this morning off sudden demise of Grant our
    On behalf of me and my family we extend our heartfelt condolence to MR. Sana khan Uncal Mr. Salah u din Mr. Ata karim
    MR. Raza khan Ghulam Ahmad. MR.Abdul Hakim Mohd Nazar
    And Doulat Bakth and Zarina And other family members.
    Grant mother personley she was very kind to me.
    MY Allah give her family the strength to bear this sudden shock.
    We share your sorrow and pray for peace for the departed soul
    may Allah rest her soul in eternal peace Aameen

    Hikayat shah
    Saudi Arabia 9/11/2010

  11. We offer our heartfelt condolences to Salahuddin Bhai, Ghulam Ahemd and all members of the grieved family on this irreparable loss. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Aameen!

    Majeed Khan & Jamila
    Ghanche, Baltistan

  12. On behalf of all my family, thank you for your kind words and thoughts on our mother’s recent passing. Your condolances have given us great comfort. Although we are all a great distance apart, it has been comforting to hear from so many of you, especially as I am so far away from home myself.

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