GECA to elect new cabinet on March 27

Islamabad (PR): Gojal Educational and Cultural Association (GECA) has announced the schedule for election of office bearers. Contenders for different positions have been asked to obtain nomination forms by sending an email to

Last date for submission of the forms has been fixed at March 15, 2011. It is pertinent to note that only registered members can contest the elections.

A three member committee comprising of Baig Ali, Ejaz Ali and Muhammad Jabbar has been formed to conduct the elections. The committee will scrutinize the nomination forms by March 21 and announce the list of final candidates by March 25, 2011. The polling for different positions will be held on March 27, 2011, in Islamabad.

The positions for which the registered members can apply are, Chairman, Vice Chairman – Education, Vice Chairman – Culture, General Secretary, Secretary Finance, Joint Secretary, I.T Resource Person, Secretary Education, Information Secretary and Database & Office In-charge.

GECA Membership Form Revised (Click to download)

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  1. I support Abid Karim Tashi’s comments. Our educated brothers based in Islamabad celebrate these events just for making fun and dancing for continuously three days on budgets sanctioned from the government and funds generated on poor student’s account. They start dancing in a long queue leading by the above mentioned leaders and ends the queue with their kids and grand kids. Mashallah!
    The above mentioned so-called leaders are the leaders for cultural dancing smartly in their three-piece (western dress).The real culture of poverty is kept in the labor-baske for poor people and their generations.I am confused with the definition of our culture “only dancing” is this the real definition for us and our new generations?
    Thank You.

  2. Dear Shamim and Abid,
    It is really disappointing to read your comments. You have actually missed the whole point of the news which is about electing new official and getting registration. Shamim if my information is correct you are based in USA, may I know your contribution to the Wakhi culture and language? Can you prove there is a poor students account and we are spending it on our dances. How much you know the activities of GECA? Do you think we should run after you with the informations about our organization and GECA being EDUCATIONAL.This young man Tashi should contact relevant people and ask for help if that is needed. The registration form is attached here and the link is given.

    This is a real time to come forward and show your enthusiasm and contribute to people and show your talent and avoid baseless allegation and show your ignorance. Please come and show what “culture and education” means, do not sit somewhere and assume things.

  3. Dear Mr Tayeb Jan

    I was very glad to see a response from your side.

    I was just asking about how to get registered and what is this organisation doing for student or in other words in educational field, i was looking at the activities of GECA on the official website and i could not see a single educational activity there and secondly i have not even heard from any student fellow of mine about GECA doing something for students. I dont know where to get the information from.

    I dont question where do funds come from or things like this.. I want to know what GECA is, what it does in educational field and how can I condribute to it? I never find a place to ask this now here i think it is best to ask it. 🙂

  4. Tayib bhai! Thank you for explaining the GECA’s Islamabad based achievements for education since last couple of years.Which is unrivalled in its history. I am doing my best level contribution for the wakhi educational culture, not for the dancing culture. When you are supporting student(s) in their education that is your long-term contribution for wakhi culture. If I am wrong please correct me. I apologize if I am hurting someone in my words.

  5. What is Wakhi Educational Culture, by the way.

    Educational development does not necessarily mean to help students financially and I don’t understand why our students always over expect from welfare organizations.

    It seems this new culture may be getting admission at a foreign university by hook or by crook for getting settled in a foreign country and looking down upon anyone who try to do tinny contributions to the educational or cultural development in Pakistan.

    GECA is registered body of educated professionals living in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad with a very small membership base trying to contribute in collaboration with other bodies such as GISAK and WTCA for preservation and promotion of our Wakhi language and culture. It has also tried to provide an opportunity to the Wakhi families, students and professionals to get together on eids and celebrate together. Being part of this organization, I feel it is not our goal to please everybody up to their satisfaction. GECA is answerable to those who are members and pay fees. It will continue to work under their constitution.

    There is no organization in the world including the United Nations Organization, who do not claim to have pleased the whole world, how can GECA satisfy the tiny but polarized society of Gojalis in and outside Pakistan.

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