[Opinion] Unrest in Ghizar and the national media

by Noor Akbar

Thousands of women and men marched towards district head quarter Ghakuch, starting from Sher Qilla to join the protesters at  sit-in  for last four days, after the dialogue between chairman BNF Nawaz Khan Naji and Pak Army were failed today in Army head quarters Gilgit.

Tense situation prevails in Ghizer and Gilgit. Media is still acting like a silent spectator. Election commissioner reportedly has fled away after illegally releasing notification in which Pir Karam Ali Shah PPP has benn declared as winner.

The Judiciary in Gilgit Baltistan is also paying no heed to the unrest in the area. Police has been reluctant to arrest those alleged in the killing of 16year Zubair during polls in Sher Qilla.

Thousands of rangers, police and army personel have been deployed in Ghakuch , Sher Qila and out side election commission in Gilgit.

Media does project incidents of killing, murder etc. but in the context of current protests in Ghizer its seems as if media have been given strict instructions not to bring fourth the ground reality .

It is said Media have been told that the coverage of the unrest in Sher Qilla and whole Ghizer can catch the attention of the international media which might make situation worse for the PPP Government.

And also with media’s coverage it will be difficult for the PPP  to show its candidate, Karam Ali Shah, as winner in the fraud elections.

In contrary to clash on main politcal scenario of the country , the establishment and PPP interests have, seemingly,  matched in Gilgit Baltistan.

In Gilgit Baltistan,the establishment and Pakistan Peoples Party have decided not to let any nationalist come in the assembly no matter if it costs the lives of the innocent people of Gilgit – Baltistan.Thus both are acting together in crushing the voice of the people in GB.

All media chanels do have their correspondents in Ghakuch and Gilgit but to the surprise of the people of GB there is no mention on any chanel.

Where are the champions of free media. Where are the television chanels anchors who don’t tire lecturing the people of Pakistan on objective reporting of events? Where the prolific scribes and political activists, in the guise of journalists,  who write at length in eulogy of their favorite parties?

People of the district Ghizer , Gilgit Baltistan are looking at you.

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  1. Dear Noor Akbar,
    Thank you for your comprehensive article bringing the plight of the people of Ghizer to the readers. You are great.

  2. People of Ghazer are always neglected, Their best traditions and manners are always expolited.
    It is time to learn that in Pakistani politics u have to snatch u r right , it will naver be given to u.
    Look at balouchistan ,ANP and even zardari the president playing Sind card, Governament of Pakistan is doing all the best to please them even if their demands are unjustified.
    I am for u Mr Nawaz khan naji , u are a great leader , higher then the sectarian divide we face to day. Thats y authorities and the people who want to keep our people divided are afriad to face u in the assembly.
    just look at the Governor business , governament will keep confusing people to inculcate mistrust and finally a sectarian division again.
    May Allah keep us safe and make our hearts open for each other (Amin)

  3. Lets hope sanity will prevail and the peacful valley of Ghizer will once again reunite, after the tragic event where precious young lives were lost cos of oppression by the government machinery.

    The people and social and political leaders of Ghizer need to sit together in a spirit of brotherhood and heal wounds and bridge their political differences for the larger cause of maintaining peace.

    Justice should be done and seen to be done by holding those responsible for the killing of innocent youth, who were expressing their democratic right on election day by peacefully protesting against a percieved wrong committed by the government-sponsored party.

    Amin Beg

  4. Naji is the true leader to represent the people of ghizer,,, v all are shoked to see the democracy of ppp in our area,,,, it must be a slogan not a practical theme…about the peace of our valley apart from grand girga ismaili council has also taken the role to maintain peace in the area.
    but the question of justice and transparency is still the issue????

  5. The present election in Ghizar were totally fraud, Govt. declared his candidate by using all sources and un expected thing happened in the history of Ghizar District which was known as most peaceful District in Northern areas of pakistan , killed one inocent poor student by ppp stupid supprters, it is very shame . the publics must boycott the election, in govt. offices in Ghizar , employees are belong to other district, the elected leaders are not noticing of it. I am earnestly apealing the peoples of Ghizar not to repeat the mistakes voting for the previous candidates. thanks. Amir Hamza Khan Mozambique

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