“Defeat is Pir Karam Ali Shah’s destiny”, Nawaz Khan Naji

by Najeeb Ullah Naveed

GAHKUCH, November 4: Nawaz Khan Naji GBDA Candidate from Ghizar – 1 has appealed to the public that people should reject negative propagandas against him . He was addressing public gatherings at Hatoon and Gulodas.

He said that the people of the area are mature politically. “Pir Karam ali shah used every available resource to turn the public against me” he blamed. Supreme leader of his own factionof the Balawaristan National Front (BNF)  future said that on12 nov distinction between truth and falsehood will be evident, as people will decide who is their true aspirant. He observed that people of the region are still living in the stone age because of inept leaders . He also foresaw “exemplary defeat for Pir Karam Ali Shah in this election”.

Naji announced that if he gets elected he will construct a melted road from Gahkuch up to Matram Dann and in Iskhoman the road will be metaled up to Ghatolty. Public will get acces to telecommunication facilities. He assured that if public support continued then 12 Nov will the day of a great change.

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  1. Nawaz Khan Naji is the one n only nationalist leader of the great BALAWARISTAN (Gilgit-Baltistan). He is the great leader og this nation. On the other hand Pir Kraram Ali Shah, the so called “PIR” enjoying the membership of the so called GBLA. Krarm Ali Shah ruled on the poor people of the poor nation for almost 35 yrs but he has nothing to do with the development of this area. The people here are poor due to the dishonesty of leaders like PIR KARAM ALI SHAH……………
    So, in this regard I will absolutely agree with the great leader NAWAZ KHAN NAJI. I know whatevere NAJI says is for the betterment of the people of this great nation BALAWARISTAN.
    Anayat Baig Alvi
    BNSO, Ghizar

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