Another boat accident, policeman falls into the Hunza River lake

by Nadeem

Gulmit, April 17: A policeman fell into the lake formed on Hunza River while returning on a private boat from Gulmit. Also sitting in the boat were AC Hunza, a judge and some other government officials. The reason for this accident is said to be slipping of a box of goods on which the policeman was sitting. Fortunately he was rescued from the lake with the help of ropes. However, his gun could not be found.

After the accident the boat was turned back and the officials reportedly spent the night in Gulmit. 

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  1. its a good news that no loss of live is reported except gun.. there will be some people who might be crying for that gun as well but wat abt that people who have lost every thing….neither they hav hop nor any material wealth….tell that authorities to work to remove debris not to Provide jobs to Underemployed people, there are people who are for the thing they have lost every thing and and their lives are at stake…..please Convey ma message..i shall be very thankful for this act

    haritham khan
    resident of “destroyed village” ma paradise attaabad hunza

  2. Did the Police man knew how to Swim?

    How did he manage to come out of the Lake,What was his Experience?

    I beleave its Good lesson for everyone to take precautions while traveling on this lake,Also the boat Drivers have to be very careful While Riding these boats Cause its something very new for all of us Boat Travel.

    Boat Drivers have to be convinced with Safety and Security Measures.There must be Some check and balance procedures to be adopted for our local peoples Convience and for their saftey.

    Lets Hope and pray there is no more accidents of this kind.

    God bless Gojal,God bless GB

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