Ghizar Election – Delay cancelled, Nawaz Khan Naji arrested

PT Report

Gilgit, March 22: The Gilgit Chief Court has annulled a notification of the GB Election Commission to delay polling in LA 19, Ghizar -1. Polling will be held on March 30, as initially planned.

The Court has said that EC is not a competent authority for cancelling the election schedule.

In the meanwhile, leader of the Balawaristan National Front, Nawaz Khan Naji, has been arrested along with several of his companions for ‘attacking a police official’ in Sher Qila, Punial.

Naji has said that his arrest is part of a “well-thought plan” to rig the elections in favour of the PPP candidate. It is pertinent to note that Naji had won the second highest number of votes during the previous election.

SP Ghizar has told the media that Naji can contest while in police custody.

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  1. We whole heartly condemn the arrest of Nawaz Khan Naji… he was the strongest candidate to win the up comming election… this is the defeat of present government that her party candidate cannot face Naji…. and they due to the losing fear arrested him… this is very bad… release Naji and let him to enjoy his right and majority…

  2. hang them the idiot government representatives …… teach to lesson these culprit …..Naji is first politician who rise voice for our real identity but the sleeping nation can’t realize it ……

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