High level meeting discusses lake formed on Hunza river

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  1. This picture and the proceeding worried me about the status of our CM. Normally what happens is when there is a meeting where Governor and CM are sitting, they both preside over the meeting. But what one can see in the picture is that governor is acting as a boss and the CM just a participant. My comment may seem out of place if you think it does not make any difference but as for as protocol is concerned, the CM should have his due place. He is not only the CM but also President of Pakistan People’s Party Gilgit-Baltistan.

  2. A Dua for unity and collective action:

    Politicization and self interest on Natural disaster :

    Since the incident of Ata Abad land slide and blockage of Hunza river the real faces of so called political leaders of Hunza and the dummy elected government of GB has become apparent in front of the local, innocent and poor communities of Hunza and particularly the upper part of Hunza. The political campaign, slogans and chain of false promises to prove themselves as champions, heroes , honest and committed leaders are still fresh in people’s mind. Meanwhile the nature challenged their commitments and capacities to help people in real needs.
    What are the response, actions and result up till now from both the winners and losers???? Everybody knows, accuses and abuses them for their inability, non seriousness and selfishness. The people of upper Hunza gave victory to Mr. Wazir Baig the PPP candidate but in return Mr. Baig suggested and recommended to construct dam on the blocked Hunza river to fulfill the water and power shortage of other parts of Hunza. What a reward upper Hunzukutz……….. Is this a fair reward to the people of upper Hunza in return of his victory???
    Roti, Kapra and Makan has been the slogan of current government since early 70s or even before , but the action is opposite; forcing people to displace, drowning cultivated land, fruit trees, well constructed houses and diminishing cultural and permanent settlements……. How can people trust and respect such leaders, who play with people’s emotions ……… The after math disaster of the eruption of the dam is yet to be seen…. God forbid and save lower Hunza and Nagar.
    The government representatives failed in taking immediate action, forwarding the issue up to the president and Prime Minister on time, accessing international media and mobilizing resources even weeks after the incident. What could be pragmatic in this situation? Protest, request or rest……. Please wake up and put aside differences and self interests and unite for humanity. Otherwise we all would be also false in our claims of being educated, pro development and enthusiast of voluntarism.
    God Bless us all.

  3. This is in reference to the comments by SBA and DUA at No.s 1 and 2. Regarding the first comment,it may be pointed out that it shows the real picture of tranbsfer oe power to representatives of G-B. It clearly indicates where the real power lies and that is the Federal Government.
    With respect to the second comment ,I would like to say that there are so many problems in this country and the system is so corrupt that nothing can be achieved. Over and above this,the rapid increase in population further exacerbates the situation. The addition to population eats up whatever increase in Roti, Kuprha and Makan have been made and we donot move an inch further. As long as we donot design a system based on justice,equality and merit and control the rapidly growing population little can be hoped

  4. I totally agree with Dr. Sabit, In addition to the curruption and population problems, collective behaviour of people also detriorates the situation. the masses are trained to be best beggers instead of having self respect and having self suffeciency motive thoughts.

  5. @SBA, I agree with your opion about the loppy position of CM Mehdi Shah, yes he is in the process of learning ethics of governance.
    @dua, I m confused about your criticizem on Speaker Wazir Baig. Being a responsible leader I dont think he will sujjest to build a dam on cost of Gojalis, even though the honour he is enjoying is due to people of Gojal. Secondly sujjesting a dam is not the jobe of Wazir Baig, It needs many engineering work, technical inespections. You looks politicizing the situation is time on?

    We have to organize ourself first to stage protest & demonstartions to knock the doors of government otherwise no one will give attention towards our immediate problem…so every one should wake up save Hunza Gojal…

  6. I feel in natural disasters,one should focus on helping the people and avoid controversies..What I find very strange in the picture is the actual NGOs who are working in field in Attabad and doing very good work are not present.
    NDMA and Government should fast track the opening of blockage of Hunza River (but carefully please so that there no downstream flooding due to possible dam burst). Please remember that with more water collecting,there is more mass of water and the danger increases. FOCUS Geologist are monitoring the water rise along with others.

  7. people of ataabd are seeking help from the government as a ray of hope but unfortunatly, the government is still lagging behind, the promises they did with the people of ataabad were all fake.

    personally i have visited the area, people are out of the their stock, some NGO`s are doing a marvelous jobs there but unable to fulfill all the basic requirments of effecties, i request the people of gilgit-baltistan to step forward and help their brother with open hearts.

    if you will spend a single penny in the name of Allah, he will give you sixteen in return.

    god bless the people of ataabd and sishkat.

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