Landslide-hit people seek early relief

I WOULD like to draw the attention of relevant authorities to the disaster that hit Attabad, Hunza, on Jan 4 due to a heavy landslide.

Attabad has been completely destroyed and the two adjacent villages were also affected.

The landslide that hit Attabad claimed the lives of more than two dozen persons, including women and children.

The landslide was so huge that it not only blocked the Karakoram Highway (KKH) for more than two kilometres, it also destroyed the highway and blocked the Hunza River, disconnected Upper Hunza (Gojal) from the rest of Hunza.

This blockade has caused a severe implication for the people living in Upper Hunza, especially for those living in the nearest village of Nazimabad Shishkat, as the supply of food and other essentials are not likely to take place till the opening of the KKH.

Furthermore, the blockaded Hunza River has turned into a dam close to the village of Nazimabad Shishkat, the first and highest populated village of Upper Hunza.

Pakistan army helicopters started relief operations in Upper Hunza, airlifting patients to Karimabad Hunza and delivering supplies, but this was a short-term and very expensive relief operation.

Unfortunately no concrete steps have been taken by the government for clearing the KKH and release of water from the newly-formed dam to avoid another disaster.

Gen ( r) Farooq (NDMA) visited the site first. After him it was Qamar Zaman Kaira, Mian Mazoor Ahmed Wattoo, Mehdi Shah and Wazir Baig who visited the site.

They promised to provide help by releasing water from the newly formed dam, as well as by opening the KKH and resettling the IDPs of Attabad.

In spite of the sympathies expressed by each and every government representative, the situation remains serious as the level of water in the dam is increasing day by day.

More than 16 days have passed and we have not been able to get any worthwhile assistance to improve the situation.

On behalf of the people of Nazimabad Shishkat village, I appeal to the government to show some seriousness and take immediate steps to open the Hunza river dam and KKH.

Or else the situation will get out of control and Nazimabad Shishkat village will be washed away by water.



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  1. thanks muzafar bhai i m with you .u r absoultly right,,,,,,we should protest in cities where ever we are .we should draw the attenstion of local adminstration they are dull and non serious leaders they r doing laying promises .we strongly condom the neglence of media also were are all the channels ???……..carry on Muzafar bhai we should raise our voice.
    Mir Alam Jatoore.

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