[Pictorial Diary] Imamat Day at Gulmit


Images: Asghar Khan, Taken on: July 11, 2010

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  1. Ehhhhh!!! I really missed the beautiful event …… stuck here in plastic city Izlo. May this event bring peace, harmony, love and unity. Ameen!

  2. I feel myself so unfortunate that I missed this very special day. I should have been there but due to some official commitments I could not make it.

    I salute the spirit of the people of Gulmit, Shishkat, Ayeenabad and all those who have been stuck by this unfortunate event. The way the celebrations of the Imamat day of our beloved Hazir Imam were held is a phenomenal show of unity and a resolve that we are united under the guidence of our Imam-e-Zaman.

    May this spirit always be high and strong throughout the times.

    Bravo, Gulmit Volunteers, Scouts, Guides and youth.

  3. dear editer
    yah ali madad.and imamat day mubarak to all ismili all our would.and pray to good and brite future of gojal i see all pitchers and very happy to see my jamat or happy to this difficult time i pray moula give us a happiness and muskil asaan ameen

  4. So good to see the happiness on our peoples’ faces after such a long time. Sounds usual excellent presentations of different activities from our volunteers, girls guide, boy scouts, youth and our school children. We are really proud of you and pray may this bring much more happiness on our peoples’ faces, wherever they are (Ameen). Please, keep up this high spirit.

  5. Those Pics are absolutely amazing! The colours and the quality of the light are the first thing to come across. Also, for a Canadian Ismaili, it really gives us an insight into the life of Ismailies in the Pamir. One day, inshallah, I shall come and visit or work there.

  6. It was nice to see Mukhi Sahib, Mohammad Ghulam being the chief guest of this event, It is necessary to recognize the services of our own people who have contributed so heavily by putting their ultimate for the service of the community. Poop Ghuloom is one such inspirational volunteer who has served the jamaat of Gulmit without any reward and recognition throughout his life.

    I urge that every festival that is celebrated in Gulmit, should be dedicated to our great volunteers of the past who have given their lifetime for the service of the community. This way we can pay our tribute to them and remember them with their services.

    I really thank the organizers who have started the tradition of recognizing our indigenous heros instead of “mosami parindas” who show on such days and vanish in the material world for the rest of the time.

    I am sure they will feel pride and rewarded more then any material reward.

    God bless our people and Gulmit.
    God Bless Gojal and Hunza.
    God Bless Pakistan.

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