DC Gilgit asks people to move to safer places

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Gilgit, January 4: Deputy Commissioner of Gilgit district, Syed Asad Zamin, has asked the people living close to the bank of Hunza river to move to safer places. He has said that the formation of dam near Attabad, Hunza, poses a very serious threat to the low laying villages.

“If the dam bursts, the villages might get flooded”, he said talking to the media.

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  1. The Government’s responsibility to arrange the flow of river where it has stopped due to landslide before it becomes a worst flood.

    The Govt should take a serious disaster risk management team and take immediate action otherwise water will be stored there and will cause a huge damge to villages nearby bank of Hunza.

    Should inform to The Focus Humanitarian Assistance Volunteers to take quake action according to the situation.

  2. That is a very sad incident, which in my view was preventable, or the damages could have minimized atleast. If I am not wrong this issue of cracks development at this perticular village came under discussion a year ago, and the government, and other NGOs were well aware of the threat, why was this issue left over? is’nt that a criminal neglegance??

    Secondly why is Army not starting the rescue operation immediately? why are the waiting for tomorrow? there is such a huge number of Army in Gigit, why cant they move immediately to the spot and start their work? if they are not prepared for this what type of army is this???

    With agner and greif…

  3. Its really a tragic incident and govt must take some quick steps regarding the dam.. Khuda ka khuf karo yar sharif sahaib kahan FOCUS walay apani rasyion kay sath itna bada malba hatain gay koi logical mashwara do bahi

  4. We are really astonished from Govt. ignorance towards the victims of Sarat Hunza….Govt is earning million dollars from Hunza and they are reluctant to support us……..Jea Ismaili volunteers, come on this is time to help our brothers,sisters,childern and old age victims…….I request from every one to pay positive role to help them……..Jea HUNZA…we love you

  5. We were shocked and saddened to hear of the tragic incidant in Attabad Hunza which is absolutely stunning. I think it a timely warning to the people residing on the river bank of Hunza that should take immidiately action and move to safer places and the authorities should assist them.

  6. It has amazed me that when there is election in Hunza or any part of Gilgit Baltistan all the government ministers prime minister and president use to visit the region for begging the vote now our brothers and sisters are facing a huge catastrophe no any single representatives has visited the region. Early prevention was possible if the past or current government of the Legislative Assembly had worked on this particular issue when this matter was brought to them.
    I declare them responsible for this disaster due to their negligence’s we lost dozens of lives. This is their responsibilities to work on such particular issues.
    Our deepest condolences goes to the family members who lost their lives and we pray may Allah rest their souls in eternal peace and give courage to their family members to bear the irreparable loss.

    Ali Masud & family


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