Cases of murder filed against Pir Karam Ali Shah and Ghulam Muhammad

PT Report

Islamabad, December 24: According to a private TV channel, Express TV, Pir Karam Ali Shah, former deputy chief executive of Gilgit – Baltistan, and Ghulam Muhammad have been nominated in the murder case of seventeen years old Zubair, son of Muhammad Jan.

The TV channel also reported that relatives of Zubair have refused to bury him, until the culprits are brought to justice. Hundreds of men and women marched from Sher Qilla to Gahkuch today, demanding justice. The protesters had also blocked the Ghizar – Chitral road for all traffic. They returned to their homes after getting the assurance that polling would be held again in Sher Qilla. The returning officer, reportedly, has also announced recounting of votes in other four stations.

In a press statement the chief organizer of Progressive Youth Front, Baba Jan, has demanded that the chief minister, IGP and Chief Secretary of Gilgit – Baltistan shall resign because they were not able to maintain law and order at a small polling station, despite of deploying Elite Forces of the Police department and Rangers.

He has also said that the world community shall notice of all injustices being committed against the citizens of Gilgit – Baltistan.

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  1. we condman the such as shamefull accident in ghizer velly. we request to high authority repolling in sherqellq velly. shame shame G S Gulam mahmad AND SHAME P P P Ghizer

    1. dont forget to include BNF in the shame. if you are blaming politics for the incident than every one should be blamed. specially BNF. and you dont have the right to blame someone personaly unless you have a solid prove!!

  2. I agree with Welayat Baigal that it is really tragic incident. The District of Ghizer was known for its peaceful atmosphere,whic has been badly disturbed by the incident. It is going to haunt us for a long time unless justice is provided to the victims.

  3. We strongly condem the incident in ghizer where two innocent lives were lost while struggling to liberate their mother land from 40 years Pir (Socalled). We Salute both Martyred and Demand to Chief Justice of Pakistan and Civil Socities to take Action Against this Incedent and Re Elelction in GBLA-19.

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