[Pictory] Spring blossom in Hunza



Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan for Pamir Times

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  1. Paradise on earth…..
    I really love this place.
    Karimabad is called a piece of paradise which God has given us.
    Meheru alvi

  2. Nice pics taken Zulfi,

    This season reminds us that Spring always comes after Fall and Winter.

    This gives hope to the affectees of Atta abad disaster that we will rise again, we will be happy again like these flowers.

    Thank you

    SAP, Islamabad

  3. real nature and beauty ……………………..of hunza……………….brilliant efforts to make a such heaven on the earth by the people of hunza……………..

  4. No comments!!!
    Mother nature speaks by itself and I am sure it explains better than us.

  5. Thanks Zulfiqar for uploading such a beautiful pictures.All We can do is Thank God for Giving us such a lovely homeland,

    No dought Hunza is Beautiful.

    Keep sharing with us ,such beautiful pictures.We enjoy Seeing all these pictures.This keeps us attached to Hunza even thoug we living outside of the Country.God Bless Gilgit-Baltistan

    Thanks Again.


  6. Thanks for proving a vedio of blossom sesson of Hunza of year 2010. I relief from tension for some time by viewing flowers of trees, houses, old bultit fort, land scape of Baltit, hyderbad, Durkhan, Aliabad, Murtazaabd, Nagar abd hill area of Altit. I also enjoyed the water fall of Herchi and beatiful of bridge of Herchi. I also fell in sad beacause of the contractor of bridge and Ustad of brige are no more withus. Allah unko jannat ul firdous fo jaga De, Aameen. I also expect from you to upload of vedios of all four seasons of Hunza.

  7. Hi Zulfiqar

    Thanks for the wonderfull video and music of the Hunza valley.
    My son and I will be staying in or near Hunza in August this year on our first visit to Pakistan and the Karakoram. it scenery looks so spectacular and dramatic and we cant wait to visit your part of the world.

    Kind regards. Peter.

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