60 households washed away in Talis, many people missing

According to eports from Baltistan at least 60 houses were washed away in Talis Village of Ghangche District as a result of yesterday's flood and landslide. Many people are reportedly missing. Photo Courtesy: Tanya Rosen

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  1. This is very sad, and the extent of the loss is shocking. Thank you for keeing us informed of the situation and kindly report if you learn of relief efforts to which people can contribute.

  2. Indeed very sad news! Small farmers have lost their houses, land assest including orchards, cereal crops, domestic forest, fodder cultivation. I know the farms were developmed over the past many years of efforts by these disadvantaged community.

    Can the GB government take the lead role through newely established GBDMA to undertake mapping of the potential hazard locations and devised a mitigation plan to reduce such losses. The costs of prevention is always lower than the restortion and rehabilitation.


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