Sost Dry Port management accused of snatching WFP warehouse tent from community

The tent inside the port building

PT Report

Sost, April 3: A statement issued by Hazara Baig, a PML (N) activist, has accused the management of Sost Dry Port of snatching a warehouse tent established by the World Food Program, as part of its relief activities in the disaster hit region.

Talking to Pamir Times, a number of village elders, including Ainullah, Dadhka Baig, Numberdar Abdul Aziz, Shafi Ullah, Qalandar Shah and Barkatullah Baig, said that the dry port management forcefully snatched the tent and erected it inside the port building for dubious reasons.

The community members said that they had approached GBLA member Mutabiat Shah and Speaker Wazir Baig and the leaders had advised against removing the tent from the village. The Dry Port management, reportedly, acted against advise of the two leaders and forcefully took the tent inside the port building.

A view of the port building

Shifting of the tent to the dry port building, Hazara Baig said, would create problems for the community members who were easily able to get relief items with less or no transport cost.

The community members and political activists who approached Pamir Times also said that the Chinese authorities 0f the Dry Port had not been taken into confidence before taking the “USAID branded large warehouse tent  inside the Chinese funded building”, as Hazara Baig put it.

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  1. this ware house is granted to the community through LSOs. why shifted the tent to dry port. we on behlf of the LSO and community condemn this action. This tent is only for the community not for doing business at dry Port. How we can say this will be safe at dry port?. The WFP officials and LSO BoDs need to take action against such black maling.

  2. we are condemn snatching of tent,the port chairman and so called director have ever time play game with community property.we demand to ppp MLA Mutabiat shah and Wazir baig take action against chairman about snatching of public property,

  3. So Sad about the Action Taken By the Port Management but if LSO is after the tent then it seems to have Politics in it as each and every LSO of Gojal is being used by a group for their personal interests and its is Being Predicted that in near future LSO will act like Political Parties and LSO will Compain for Parties in Election
    A Statement By Sec MASO (LSO ) Gojal 1 to A foriegn Donner
    (((( Pakistan Peoples Party is the Party of Gojal))))))))
    LSO have been hijaked by interested Groups

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