The massive landslide which took place at Ghareyat (Ataabad) on 4th January 2010 has blocked the Gojal river flow downstream. During the last 138 days the water level has reached a height of 370 feet. Ghawoshban (Ayeenabad) settlement, consisting of 35 households, has submerged completely. Around 80 houses have been caused to submerge in Shishkat while 12 houses have been caused to submerge in Gulmit. Low laying settlements are at risk in Hussaini and Passu. Moreover, substantial long term losses with respect to loss of scarce agricultural land have not been computed as yet.

Communities residing in Gojal have been actively engaged in making the necessary arrangements to move away from the disaster area. This includes dismantling of houses, cutting of trees and other activities related to relief work. However, given the scale of the problem, residents at Gojal are limited in capacity and are in need of further support. The ‘Gojal Emergency Relief Fund’ is an initiative to organize and collect donations (in kind or cash) on behalf of the communities and volunteers who are threatened by rising water levels in the foreseeable future. A bank account has been opened at the First Microfinance Bank Ltd for deposits , detail of the account given below . The GERF will be operated under the direct supervision of the Local Council, Volunteer Corps and Boy Scouts Group.

On behalf of the affected people, we request everyone to support this effort to save Gojal. We welcome any kind of contribution and suggestions to improve the relief effort.

Account detail

Account Name: Gojal Emergency Relief Fund (GERF)

Account number: 851405

Branch code : 0208

Branch address: The First microfinance Bank Ltd Sost Gojal Hunza

This “GERF” is an acknowledgement by the professionals, business community and people residing out of Gojal of the brave effort being put by the local volunteers, scouts, youth and the local people.

Therefore we would request more volunteers from different parts of Pakistan and the world, to please come forward and help us make this effort worthy.

List of the contact persons are as follows:

Fazal Karim, Heritage Inventory Officer. AKCSP Gilgit. Contact No: +92 3448840293

Nauroze Shah, Chief Finance Officer. AKTC Afghanistan. Contact No:+0093795338323

Kiramat Ali, Chartered Accountant. Contact No: +92 3455387987

Aziz Ahmed, DPO, NRSP Muzafarabad. Contact No: +92 3003539799

Safdar Ali, Assistant Manger, Askari Commerical Bank, F-7 Islamabad.

Rehmat Karim, Branch Manager, FMFB, Sost Hunza Gilgt Baltistan. Contact No : +92 3473660168, 92 03135080036

Arshad Ali, Agribusiness Analyst, AKRSP, Gilgit . Contact No: 92 3465343187

Alimember, Regional CAD Central | NIB Bank Limited, NIB House,Shahrah- Aiwan-e-Tijarat,China Chowk, Lahore Contact No: +92 3333446426

Sikandar Karim, Retail Banking Officer, HBL Murree Road Branch Rawalpindi, Contact No: +92 3455306101

Karim Sakhi, Assistant Finance Manger, AKCSP Lahore Contact No: + 92 3469547787

Muhammad Nawaz, IT Administrator, AKCSP Lahore, Contact No: + 92 3004089486

Noor Muhammad, Chief Editor, Pamir Times Contact: + 92 346 2500041

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  1. can one transfer amount from abroad on that account number you have given?
    what if one has to transfer in foreign currency?
    if the above points are clarified, it will be

  2. It’s a good step from GERF, the quantity of houses which are submerged in Shishkat are approximately are 150 but in above para it is writen just 80 houses are submerged in Shishkat, so please correct the above information.

  3. Dear Donners,
    On behalf of the GERF we are thankful to all of you we received from the following honourable donners;
    1. Mr. Karim Sakhi Rs. 31000
    2. Mr. Arshad Ali 2000
    3. Mr. Khalid Jan 2000
    4. Mr. Musa 2000
    5. Ms. Malika Aziz 1000
    6. Ms. Sosan Aziz 1000

    With Regard,


  4. people from aboard asking swift and BIC code? no reply from anywhere………? even the contact nos of the concern persons of off………?

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