Women mountaineers of Shimshal embark on the 20-day, double-header, winter ascent of Mingligh Sar

6050 meter high Mingligh Sar

Majeed Karim

Nine women mountaineers from Shimshal valley started the first ever double-header women winter expedition for Mingligh Sar (6050 meter) and Vulyoo sar (6030 meter) on Wednesday, December 29.

The 20 days double-header expedition, organized by Shimshal Mountaineering School – a mountaineering training institute in Shimshal, would be the first ever Pakistani winter expedition.

The expedition is part of the training program by Shimshal Mountaineering School. The training would be conducted by two renowned mountaineers Mr Shaheen Baig and Qudrat Ali and founders of the training institute.

Besides the two trainers, the nine women student climbers who are part of the expedition are Ms Dur Begum 30 years old, Ms Farzana Faisal 22, Ms Takht Bika 23, Ms Shakila Numa 25, Ms Mehra Jabeen 21, Ms Gohar Nigar 22, Ms Hafiza Bano 18, Hamida Bibi 18 and Ms Nahida Bibi 20.

The climbers have already been technically trained and two of them Ms Dur Begum and Farzana Faisal have already scaled a 6000 meter peak.

Before heading for the expedition, the school organized a three days acclimatization and training session in which they attempted the famous Ice Wall and Shifkateen Sar – a below 6000 meter peak.

Before heading for the expedition, all the climbers were quite excited and were determined about their mission.

“Although its quite tough job climb in winter but we are quite hopeful and will try our best to make the expedition a success”, said Ms Dur Begum who is the leader of the expedition team.

She further added that this first ever women winter expedition would play an important role to promote women mountaineering in the country.

“We want to set an example for the women of Pakistan that they can also adopt mountaineering as a sport as practiced in the other part of the world and that they the women of Pakistan are not behind anyone else” said Farzana Faisal, deputy leader of the expedition team.

While giving detail about the expedition, the trainers Mr Shaheen Baig and Mr Qudrat Ali said that it would take three days to reach to the base camp of Minglig Sar. The team would have a three days rest at the base camp in order to acclimatize the climbers and then keeping in view the weather condition, the team would first attempt for the 6050 meter high peak Minglig sar and then subsequently we would plan for the second peak Vulyo sar which is 6030 meter high.

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  1. Best of luck and safe return to home after a successful attempt of both peaks. Nice effort by the Shimshal Mountaineering School. Please share pictures of this adventurious sport after return to base. Regards, Shujaat

  2. Wonderful initiative – much appreciable. God bless the team and good luck for safe return to Shimshal.
    Please let me know if I can be of any help towards making the unprecedented effort a success and sustainable.
    Gul – Kabul

  3. Best of luck and safe return to home after a successful attempt of both peaks. Nice effort by the Shimshal Mountaineering School.
    Sarfraz khan

  4. Well,this is somthing which we were expecting from our mountaineers and the two reknown clombers Mr. Qudrat Ali and Mr.Shaheen Baig brought the words in action. we are proud of them and congratulation to all of the students of SMS (shimshal mountaineering school).
    we need to practice and swing our skills in action….. best of luck.

  5. Good luck to the brave women team members. Our prayers are with you. So proud of you all. It’s an excellent initiative and innovative program for the whole area. We would love to see your safe journey back with successful pictures and also the sustaining interests as well.

    Best wishes.

    Safida Begum

  6. Qudrat and Shaheen.
    Great job! i am real keen to such wondarful initiatives that you people have already taken before in different ways and trying to groom it through your using your skills. i hope and i am sure you people will undertake this activity with zeal and ziest and will not leave any stone unturend to meet your objective.
    no doubt, women of shimshal are intensively in practice of mounteering related activities and the have the capabilities to make this event memorable and a hope to give exposure to femal mountaineering in pakistan.
    i wish you best of luck for your expedition.
    Majeed, grate job to write about this event. i realy like it. keep it continoue
    Ghulam Mussa
    Monitoing and Evalution officer,
    AKESP Gilgit Baltistan

  7. This is the second time in a few weeks that i have heard news of Shimshals special female mountaineers.. Samina Khayal was the first, and now all 9 of you.
    What a pleasant surprise to keep reading about Pakistani women mountaineers.
    You make us proud…both the men in your families for encouraging and grooming you, and you the climbers for your perseverance and keen interest in a sport dominated by men world over. This effort will surely be a beacon for other women across Gilgit Baltistan and even down in the plains where the rest of us mostly dream of such possibilities.

    Bravo ladies!

  8. This good news recalls me the days of my association with Shimshal community in mid 90s, particularly about sharing the ideas to promote tourism in the area…..
    Climbing is the most expensive sport. For this reason, most of the famous international climbers are sponsored by the world’s leading business companies otherwise, one cannot think of climbing peaks of above 6000 m in the age of 20s and 30s, because of its cost. Adventure loving mountaineers from the world spend their lifetime savings to accomplish their mission while, in our society, who dares!! Our interest can be a fancy dress, new car, a beautiful house….
    The winter climbing expedition of Mingligh Sar by the young Shimshali women will be the first step to introduce and promote winter tourism in GB that could not happen so far. I am sure, Shimshal Mountaineering School will become an international center for mountaineering/ climbing training in the future.
    Wish you all the success to your courageous mission and safe return!

  9. I would like to thanks, the team of pamir times for their cooperation to update the News of Shimshal Mountaineering School activities on their esteemed web, and I also would like to thanks to the readers for their gratitude and appreciation for our female climbers.
    Thank you all…
    Majeed Karim

  10. I am proud of our women of beautiful Shimshal Velley. Thats really great news! The government should promote such activities throughout the entire country. I salute the families of these girls for supporting them and encouraging them for such activities. I wish all families in pak treat thier women like this! Geo Shimsal walo! Mir USA

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