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Jamiat Ahl-e-sunnat wal Jamat & Jamat Islami protest in Gilgit city


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Gilgit, Spetember 13: Hundres of people closed the main Bazar in Gilgit city this morning  for over four hours, protesting against the firing incident of yesterday night that resulted in injuries to two young laborers belonging to NWFP. The protest was  jointlyorganized by Jamiat Ahl-e-Sunnat Wal Jamat and Jamat Islami.

The protesters were raising slogans against the administration and called for immediate action against those responsible for injuring two youth near Ramzan Hotel, located near NLI market. There are also reports about a firing incident near Yaadgar Chowk, this morning.

The protest ended after successful talks between police officials and leaders of the protestors.

Ever since announcement of the package for Gilgit – Baltistan a series of firing incidents, leading to at least two death and two injuries,  have once again terrified citizens of the most important city in the region.


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