Salgirah in the times of disaster

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Hunza: Thousands of people in the disaster hit Hunza Valley joined their Ismaili brothers and sisters across the globe in celebrating the 53rd Imamat Day on July 11, a ceremony symbolizing H.H. The Aga Khan’s accession to the throne of Imamat.

Grand celebrations were held in Shishkat and Gulmit, two of the worst affected villages of Gojal valley.

IDPs of Attabad celebrated Imamat Day at the remaining part of Attabad village. The IDPs have reached Attabad village after protesting in vain at the lake barrier for three days.

In Gulmit the day started with celebrations and the festivity continued till afternoon. Students of various school, members of the Ismaili scouts and guides and local artisans presented colorful programs including dances, songs, skits and other interesting stage items.

Workers of Bahria Foundation, Jawans of Pakistan Army and other people also attended the celebrations.

The festival provided people of the calamity hit villages a much needed space and opportunity for relaxation.

Salgirah festivals were also held in other parts of Gojal valley, central and lower Hunza, Ismaili majority regions of Gilgit, including Rahimabad, Nomal and Zulfiqarabad.

In Ghizar district, an 87 % Ismaili majority region, the festival was celebrated with traditional zeal and enthusiasm.

Jamat Khanas, the Ismailis’ place of worship, were decorated with colorful lights and small Ismaili flags were hoisted in all villages of the region.

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  1. The Imamt day was a day of joy and happiness for all ismaili across the globe but the jamat of Attabad cannot able to celebrate it in traditional manner, The parents celebrate ceremony in disaster hit area while Children’s in camps
    The candle of Hope is diminishing day to day because there is no any positive response from government and civil society for the rehabilitation of victims, The people of Attabad return to the disaster hit area which has been declare dangerous zone area with disappointment , grief and despondency ,
    Hunza is consider one of the literate area in Pakistan but the leaders of this area didn’t show any interest in victims to guide them , to assist them and to help them to raise their voice on national level , the victims of attabad disaster have strong belief in their community institutions to resolve this matter but they also failed doing so ,
    Now we are looking towards the youth of Hunza Gojal who are the future of this area to play their role in this regard, the people of Attabad And Gojal victims have show exemplary tolerance and play the role of best citizen of the country without any illegal action and strikes ,they demand their rights in civilized manner but unfortunately this country give no any value to them ,

    Now if the problem is not resolve in this manner then we have to acquire our rights in Pakistani way .[provocative portions removed on commentator’s complaint Editor.]……. i am anxiously waiting for the response of youth who can feel the pain of victims of attabad who return back to danger zone ,we cannot afford any more loss ,
    I request to all youth kindly get up and give us your hands to overcome on this crucial situation , you may approach us on
    MM Qizill

  2. where is the AKRSP in all this
    and the Gilgit Baltistan Reps?
    why dont the community elders
    appeal to His Highness The Aga Khan?

  3. PT, I am big fan of yours and your work off course but its beyond limits now. Your personal grudges are influencing your work and your personality. By posting above comment by Mr. MM Qizill an unidentified person encouraging people for violence what are you trying to prove? Your approach toward many things has changed, you are acting like all other media personnel in our country (like an ordinary journalist) who is trying to reach the top by unfair means (I am sure you are not like that). We are peace loving people, not something like Mr. Qizill trying to say in his post.

    Encouraging youth for violence is what we call it as talibanization. Youth are immature and starting believing on fool people without knowing the ground realities. Please please during this hard time we should be trying to help people specially youth physically and mentally and please stop playing with their emotion. Creating chaos and discord is what our unknown enemy’s ultimate goal not ours.

    I am damn sure that my comment will not be posted. But still I want to share my views with you guys. Though I m hiding my identity myself but my intentions are clear and positive.

    Together we can make difference with positive approach.

    Thanks and warm regards.


  4. Dear Well Wisher

    Thanks for pointing out the provocative sentences that erroneously got posted. The call towards violence has been removed. I don’t agree with your allegations of “personal grudges” and change of position. We promote and preach peace and dialogue.

    We would urge the youth of Hunza, in particular, and Gilgit – Baltistan, in general, to trust the power of peaceful advocacy rather than taking the law into their hands. Violence begets violence and peace begets peace. Intelligent people choose the later for greater good.



  5. IT is high time to control our emotions, although it is quite difficult for people living in a state of disaster for the past 6 months where every second of their life revolves around this disaster. People have developed psychological disorders due to this prolonged crisis, but we are the followers of a spiritual branch of Islam and our religion teaches us peace and tolerance at every time. I am sure by practicing our faith regularly, can protect us during these times.

    I am sure there may be people who have different opinions and perspectives to react to such things in our lives. We are living in a very volatile geographical location on the earth where such events are inevitable, I do not want to tell that we should think of leaving the area, there are other people who live in similar regions but we have to learn how to live safely in these regions.

    I am of the opinion as many other colleagues of mine are that the government did not react swiftly and adequately to the disaster and literally failed to fulfill its claims of draining the lake safely. It is purely a state subject and our AKDN agencies have a limited role in the state subjects. Our civil society organizations have also failed to steer the emotions of the people towards a productive and positive standpoint and our civil society leadership could not show their role.

    This event was a real eye-opener for all of us to revisit the whole scenario and identify our weaknesses and work on that area and draw a strategy for future. Let’s not indulge into blame games and create unity of thought, actions and efforts at all levels. Let’s forget who did what and restart in a positive manner. I am a strong believer in the power of peace, decency, love and forgiveness. Let’s be the true murids of Mowlana Hazir Imam and the true follower of our Pirs who had preached peace and love but nothing.


    Sher Karim
    Rawalpindi, Pakistan

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