Afghan-Wakhi poet and cultural activist, Ustod Tazagul Sazgar, has passed away

By Nurmomad

Islamabad, September 23: A highly respected Afghan-Wakhi scholar, poet and cultural activist, Ustad Tazagul Sazgar, has passed away in a road accident in Badakhshan province of Afghanistan.

According to information received by Pamir Times Ustod Sazgar was returning home from work when his vehicle overturned, taking life of the 57 year old scholar. He was born in Qazideh village located in the Wakhan corridor.

The death of Ustod Sazgar is being seen as a major blow for cultural progress of the Wakhi speaking communities in Afghanistan.

Mehboob Aziz, who knows Ustad Sazgar as a colleague and friend, paid rich tributes to the scholarly work of Ustad Sazgar while talking to Pamir Times from Gulmit, Gojal.

“Ustod Sazgar has written hundreds of poems in Wakhi and Persian languages”, Mehboob said. He also said that Ustod Sazgar has written several unpublished works on Wakhi culture and society.

Ustad Sazgar had spent some time in Gojal during the 90s after fleeing Afghanistan as a result of the the Taliban uprising. Ustoz Sazgar was among the hundreds of Afghan nationals who fled to Pakistan in search of economic opportunities and to evade persecution at the hands of Taliban.

He wrote several Wakhi songs to express his love for the region during his stay in Gojal Valley. One of his Persian poems about Gulmit is very famous among young and old in the village.

Ustod Sazgar was a strong advocate of cultural activism for bringing the societies closer to each other.

A bright chapter in the history of Wakhi cultural activism and poetry comes to and end with the demise of the beloved Ustod.

As a token of his appreciation for Pamir Times, Ustod Sozgor had shared a hand-written Wakhi manuscript, posted on this blog on February 28, 2008.

Click HERE to read the manuscript of Nazir Ahmed Bulbul’s song hand written by Ustod Sazgar.

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  1. Very sad news 🙁 Ustad Sazgar was a really nice person. Moula rest his soul in eternal peace and give strength to his family. (Aameen)
    Sajida Khan
    USA FL.

  2. Inna Lillahi wa inna elaihe raji’un.
    Xudoy rekhk rooher qaror rand woz yovey xonadon er sabr rand, Omeen

  3. Indeed very shocking new for us. Ustad Sazgar was our Persian teacher. we’ll miss him a lot. May Allah bless his soul in eternal peace.
    i remember once he shared a poetry with us. i-e

  4. Inna Lilahi Wa Inailayhi Rajiun

    The Family of Rustam Baig (Gulmit Gojal Hunza), including Rehmat Ullah Baig, Muhammad Sana, Nadir Shah and all others are mournful on the death of the great ustod & offer condolence with the family of Ustad Sazgor, esp. his son Jumma Gul and his widow.

    May his soul rest in eternal peace.

    His contribution to the family during his stay in Gulmit Gojal was unparalleled.

    Our prayer is with the distressed family, may Allah Almighty give them strength to face the harsh reality. Ameen

  5. Dear all………
    Thank you very much for the sympathy and condolence extended to my family. We have lost a precious and valuable father who always believed in wisdom and intellect.please pray for the eternal peace of the depart soul.
    thank you once again.
    Jumagul Sazgar

  6. May his soul rest in eternal peace and give strength to his family to pass the days of mourning in peace and tranquality.

    While in Gulmit, Ustod Sazgor used to visit us in Gilgit when Ali and I were living a Chada life then in mid 90s. We learned a lot from his wisdom, knowldge of Persian poetry and at times had to spend whole nights in discussions about theology,the poetry and philosophy of Nasir -e- khusraw and universe.

    Amin Beg

  7. may Allah bless his soul , Ustad Sazgar was the only man with extra knowledge in Wakhan and he was the light of our eyes, losing him means we lost the light of our society
    Nasima Habibi

  8. Its A Great Loss to the Wakhi natives living around the world. He was real assets for the development of cultural harmony,

    Almighty Bless his soul eternal Peace.

  9. I can not explain the care and love that I got from Ustad-e-Muhtaram during my time in Wakhan. What a bad luck for his family and for the Wakhi community. May God bless his soul with eternal peace. Amen

    Mehboob, Gilgit

  10. It was a big shock when I heard about one of my very respectable colleagues and staff members from Wakhan Corridor. I could not stop my tears that were falling and the memories recapping in my mind from Wakhan, Ishkashim, and Faizabad, Badakhshan. As Mehboob said, it is difficult to express those expressions for such a caring and loving person. May God bless his soul with peace and give patience to his families (Ameen). Indeed, its big loss for the organization and the area.
    I have lots of his pictures during the training programs in Badakhshan Afghanistan. Do let me know if Pamir times need any of them for any constructive use.

    Safida Begum

  11. Dear all…………
    I you would like to thanks again from all of you for the extended condolence and sympathy,
    best Regards
    Jumagul Sazgar

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