Nilofer Bakhtiar to raise Hunza situation in Senate

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Video by Zulfiqar, Ikram Najmi & Ghazi Karim

HUNZA, Feb 04: Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar said that she will raise the issue of disaster in Hunza valley in the next senate session. She also said that she will convey sentiments and demands of the local people at the highest level and help resolve the issues they are facing.

As acting chairperson of PRCS Ms Nilofer said that Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) will establish its office in Hunza soon.

She said the society has provided 12 million worth relief goods to the affected communities since the incident of Jan 04. She also announced to establish vocational training center for the women to enable them to play a productive role.  PRCS will deploy a doctor in the camp to help those people traumatized or developing psychological problems due to the disaster, she said.

The affected people appealed the Senator to provide scholarships for the students of the affected village in order to continue their education.

The community representatives also demanded of the PRCS to start relief operation in Gojal valley where 25,000 people are land-locked due to the blockade of KKH and theinundation of the low lying areas due to the lake advancement.

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