Nilofer Bakhtiar to raise Hunza situation in Senate


Video by Zulfiqar, Ikram Najmi & Ghazi Karim

HUNZA, Feb 04: Senator Nilofer Bakhtiar said that she will raise the issue of disaster in Hunza valley in the next senate session. She also said that she will convey sentiments and demands of the local people at the highest level and help resolve the issues they are facing.

As acting chairperson of PRCS Ms Nilofer said that Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS) will establish its office in Hunza soon.

She said the society has provided 12 million worth relief goods to the affected communities since the incident of Jan 04. She also announced to establish vocational training center for the women to enable them to play a productive role.  PRCS will deploy a doctor in the camp to help those people traumatized or developing psychological problems due to the disaster, she said.

The affected people appealed the Senator to provide scholarships for the students of the affected village in order to continue their education.

The community representatives also demanded of the PRCS to start relief operation in Gojal valley where 25,000 people are land-locked due to the blockade of KKH and theinundation of the low lying areas due to the lake advancement.

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  1. Having seen the response of the government towards the present situation, we should not attached high hope with the announcement of Ms. Bakhtiar to raise the issue in Senate. Our own Gilgit-Baltistan Legislative Assembly has not so far been convened into session to discuss the situation and to exert pressure on the government for the necessary measures. Perhaps, to those in the corridor of powers, the issue is of no significance other wise it was a right time for them to call the Assembly into the session. The session could have given them a chance to offer Fateha for those who lost their lives, to show sympathy to the bereaved families, to look into the troubles of 25,000 people cut off from the country, to debate on how to work for getting the blocked water released and wiped out road restored, to show unity and solidarity at this difficult time, to appeal to the government and world community for coming forward to support and to monitor the work through committee/s. But perhaps the Assembly did not find this time suitable to be in session. The issue was to be raised at our Assembly but that did not happen and now Nilofer Sahiba wants to take it to Senate. Let’s see what Senate does.

  2. dear SBA
    before to give ur suggesstions and recommondationn you should know the role and responsibilities of Government and then NGO, you know the govement is responsible to handle all sort of issues and conflict and make stretegies, the NGO is next to support government
    as you are well aware this issue has been presented to the gilgit assembly but still ou know the power of the assembly any way i know we all are frustrated and want help from some way to provide assisstance to the vulnerable people of gojal.

    PRCS is provide help to the effected people from day one and is still trying to help gojal community but it all depends on the coloburation of government and other organizations

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