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Delaying new seat for Hunza!!

ISLAMABAD, Sept 10 (APP)‑ Minister for Information and Broadcasting and Governor‑designate Gilgit‑Baltistan Qamar Zaman Kaira assured the people of Hunza that their grievances would be properly addressed with equal distribution of funds and development schemes, as per size of the population. “There will be no discrimination, in respect of political and socio‑economic rights of the people”, he said in a statement issued here Thursday. 

Commenting on the demand of another seat in the Northern Areas Legislative Assembly (NALA) for Hunza, he said that it may not appropriate at this stage to accommodate it, when the date of the Asssembly’s elections is coming closer.

The Minister said that the demand of de‑limitation of the constituencies, according to the population size would be considered in due course of time.

Qamar Zaman Kaira said that PPP government does not believe in any sort of discrimination, and was following a policy of giving due rights and privileges to the people of Gilgit‑Baltistan judiciously.

Reasonable and equal distribution of funds would be ensured to all the districts of Gilgit‑Baltistan. [More at source]

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  1. It,s a traditional pretentional tact being used the so-called political leader, the Govt. seems not interested to allocate additional seat for Hunza, we must keep going our peace ful voices up and boyecot the upcomming elections,,,

  2. Dear
    Well Here I must say that the present Government is not from the party of Zulfiquar Ali Butto. But its the party of Gen. Zia Ull Haq. who was the one that rejected the additional seat form Hunza.

    So his followers should take care of his business.

    The end result all the people form Hunza, Gojal , Shanaki should not take part in the present election, BLACK DAY should be observed all over the land. Shops and all other business of life should be closed and shatter down. People should wear Black bands through out the country. To mark the decision of General Zia ull Haq and the protector of the decision Kira, Governer of the Stat of NHA, (Non-human Active Area)

  3. I would say Now or Never.Thers is no any comlexity involved in granting the rightful seat of Hunza people.Delaying the granting of this seat is tantamount to making Hunzukutz fool.Its our right and we are demanding this seat in proportion of our polpulation.This is the right time to test our current leaders.Lets see how worthy are they……

  4. Kaira said that ppp dont belive in discrimination. But all know that PPP not only believe in discremination but also discrading a seat of Hunza. PPP has discarded the Mushraf Govt aloted seated.
    Mr. Kaira this open baisness of PPP govt in North is an open violation of democratic federation. People of Hunza Highly Condemn this act. And remember it dark decision of PPP.

  5. Dear All

    Do you know who played role in dropping all the aditional seats from the package at the last momemnt. Those were the elements who are opposing this package. The role of PML (N) indeed is a question………..?

  6. We all should once realize the historic role and status of the HUNZA. all should know that how the state of Hunza was regarded among all states of the North, the ties of Hunza with other countries, the courageousness of the people who freed NAs from Dogras, the defenders of the Nation, the guardians of the territory…Now i think we should demand not for the additional seat we should raise our voice for the district that was abolished.
    It is a beginning of a good beginning so we should not step back. There should not be any question to our loyalty with the country but it doesn’t mean we will be discriminated and ignored. Our peaceful struggle should be continued and we should also be careful and keep an eye on those who would be sabotaging the great cause. I agree with the above one that if no one is ready to address our concerns then there should be completely boycott of the upcoming elections. At this stage the silence of other NALA members from the other districts is also a point to think over.


  7. what is the formula for demanding additional seat for Hunza, either it population or area ? Should the other part of Gilgit Baltistan not start demanding additional seats, if they have more bigger area then Hunza or their population is more then Hunza.
    Please someone give me more knowledge on this.

  8. I think things are finally making sense. Mr. Qaira belongs to a political party, the PPP. PPP has formed the central government and is in charge of running the country. Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan has never been a PPP candidate. It is upto the PPP to grant the additional seat. Its no secret that the real powers lie within the Ministry of Kashmir Affairs i.e. Minister KANA. So blaming Mir Ghazanfar was an extremely discriminatory action. Mr. Nazir Sabir and Wazir Baig both were elected on tickets sought from the PPP, WERE THEY ABLE TO BRING AN ADDITIONAL SEAT? Mr. Noor Mohammad, you spoke with Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan over the telephone a few weeks ago, did he not explain thist to you?

  9. More than three decades have passed, we still fool ourselves by associating with PML or PPP or dictators? It is amazing that a party of people is represented by feudal lords and Sajadanasheens and a Leage of Muslims by Industrialists and Mullahs. The bunch of thugs that have long denied basic rights to their own people all over Pakistan cannot be expected to grant basic rights to the people of an orphan region. They live on the clouds and know nothing more than oppression. But things are changing; a middle class in Pakistan is trying to stand. We should act in unison and through our weight behind regional parties who can be held accountable in the court of people. We must realize that in the long run it is a struggle between rich and poor. not between North and South or east and west.

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