Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

PPP ignores party stalwart Mashroof Alam in Ghizar


It is pertinent to note that elections in the constituency have been postponed till April 30

2 thoughts on “PPP ignores party stalwart Mashroof Alam in Ghizar

  1. I am witness to the fact that it was Mashroof Alam who organized the people party in the Ghizer District under the instruction of Z.A Bhutto himself.He was later joined by Mr. Nazarab Khan( presently, rtd. S.P). They raised the
    the PPP flag in the width and breadth of Ghizer district,which were burnt over night by some anti-people. I was working as Lecturer in Economics in Govt. College Gilgit in those days. I know these events because I was a fan of Mr.Bhutto’s program and party. Being a govt, servant I could not take active part in politics. But this is not the same party both idealogically and politically. I would like to quote an urdu poem here. ( Manzil onhay Mili jo sharik-e-safar na thay). Destiny was grasped by those who were not even partner in the journey.

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