[Updated] Ayeenabad & Shishkat

Images: Zulfiqar Ali Khan & Afzal Khan | Captions: Nur

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  1. Unbelievable, it has swallowed my village. it makes me cry…. no word no comments at all. i couldn’t do anything except playing with words………

  2. Horriable Condition…..What will be my feeling when I will count every seconds, When my home gonna go under water.
    Where I lived almost my life is sinking and I on the bank stand still nathing to do waiting for every mm coverage of water in to my home. Protest but what is my value???? that people will pay attention and will take action. Simply I am still illitrate don’t know what is right in a country.

  3. I read the letter of DC Gilgit. The contention mentioned therein is not based any material fact. His comments should be based on the basis of soil test. Work is being carried out on day to day, but there is need to accelerate the spellway contruction work. Kindly keep the present momentum till to acheivement of objectives.

  4. its bleeds my heart,it burns me internally when i c my village is sinking gradually.will the punishment in hell will much painfull than this heart melting situationh?i guess not!lush green grass,orcahrds,fields,houses and above all the jk became part of aqua.lets pray may Allah shower his choiest blessings and 4give us for the sins we have made intentionally and Lord give us that wich we deserve but plz Allah dont try us in ur blessings Ameen

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