President seeks report of relief, rehabilitation measures for Atta Abad affectees

ISLAMABAD, Mar 8 (APP): President Asif Ali Zardari on Monday sought a report from Governor Gilgit Baltistan over the relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken for the landslide affectees of Atta Abad in the Hunza valley and steps for the draining of an artificial lake.The massive landslide had hit Hunza District on January 4, that led to the sliding of two villages including Atta Abad into the Hunza River. The landslide wiped-out everything in its path and the debris fell down into the Hunza River, blocking its water flow.

On that occasion, President Asif Ali Zardari, while expressing his deep shock and grief over massive landsliding that caused loss of life and destruction of private property had ordered for immediate measures to bring relief to the affected families.

The President sought a report to update him about the measures taken by Gilgit Baltistan administration and also by the federal government regarding the provision of shelter, food and medical help for the displaced people. He has also asked about the progress on measures taken to drain the artificial lake that was a growing threat to the downstream areas.

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  1. Thanks GOD some body is asking for the report of the disaster hit area after two months, When dozens of homes,orchards, lands, all most everything is submerged under the artificial lake formed on Hunza river, and many more are under threat. May be Mr. President is asking for the report, that how many are still survived? Hopefully Gilgit-Baltistan administration will come up with real fact and figures, rather then false statistics and keep in mind that some day you will be asked by ALLAH almighty for your deeds, where false statistics and reports are not acceptable. Mr. Speaker make sure the report is not based on false statistics, because these affecties are your voters and your supporters.

  2. Thats marvelous news that President of Pakistan has taken notice on the relief and rehabilitation of the affected families. The Government, I think, is working to release the water which obviouly will take some time.

    Geographically Gojal has its importance due to the international borders with China and Afghanistan and obviously the KKH and Sost for border trades.

    Gojal is the only big Tehsil of GB which gives revenue to federal government from Sost (Gojal) border trade.

    We – the Gojalis do hope that the government will declare the Gojal as a calamity hit area and the affected people of Ayeenabad and Shishkat as IDPs.


  3. thanks God another god news…..I think the month of March is Wake month of the ppp Government…..Atleast after 2 Mr. Presdent has relaised the imprtance of Pak China link

  4. I am happy the President has finally hear about this large national disaster which has blocked KKH since 4th Jan 2010 and our road link with China.

    What is disturbing is: has NDMA not been fully briefing the President and the Prime Minister?.

    Let us pray that once the President is fully briefed ,he will take urgent actions in interest of hard working persons of Gojal.

    NESPAK Dr Baasit had come to Attabad in end of January.Where is NESPAK report; why is it not being made public and shared. Please, we are stakeholders and we need to know.

    with weather getting warm in next few days /weeks the water coming into lake will increaseing; and this will further increase danger.

    People of Gojal are brave people.Inshallah this calamity will go away.We will raise.We will build better,faster and become a model modern district in Pakistan. FOCUS/AKDN,government an d other International donor agencies will provide advice and assist

    May Allah protect us.

  5. My dear fellow Gojalies,

    It seems our hue and cries have reached the highest office and let’s hope that something significant comes out if our case is effectively pleaded.

    The outcome of this report heavily depends on the feedback that the official machinery has given to the Governor who is a non resident of this region.

    However, our task is not accomplished as yet and we have to continue our case to highlight in the media so that international attention is attracted and building up pressure will benefit the cause. As we are the future victims of the effects if global warming which is a result of the big industrialized countries who are making billions do nothing for the cause of world environment.

    Let raise our voice against the effects of this global challenge which has started to knock at our doors for the last two three years in the form of massive landslides, avalanches, glacial outbursts and weather disorders.

    We have to rethink that are we living in a safe place, which I think will be no more livable if this process is not reversed.


  6. Oh My God, at least president of Pakistan has asked for report on Hunza Disaster….. This shows the preference of the govt … after more than 2 months… wawawaw Zardari………… tari bi kiya bat hai…

    Anyways this shows that the efforts of people have reached to the top leadership of Pakistan, well done, we need to keep it up…

  7. Why the government & military have waited so long ? I think its now becoming a habit of authorities to wait for a worse case scenario?Like Swat.
    The lake is more than 300 ft in depth & has almost 22 Km span. I can’t imagine the tsunami like disaster that could happen any time. Are they even aware of the consequences? What about the people, the wild life, the things in the way of that much water or what the water is bringing with it, the people working there to make spillway. Most importantly what will hapen once the water reach at any of the dams?
    God help us.

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